Making Your Own Beaded Earrings

Rewarding and stress-relieving…it is really fun to make your own beaded earrings. If you find nothing to do and nowhere to go during weekends, you can think about creating a piece of earrings with beads, like gemstone beads, at home. No professional techniques, just some beads, wires, and other findings, you are able to finish wonderful designs.

Here are some basic steps for making simple beaded jewelry. Follow it to get you started.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Large Beads
  • Medium Beads
  • Long Flathead Pins or Eye Pins
  • Earring Hooks
  • Cutting Pliers or Wire Cutters
  • Round-nose Pliers
  • Chain-nose Pliers

Well, you’d better make sure the long flathead pins or eye pins have small loop on one end. For the beads, you can choose any type you like, such as, crystal beads, glass beads, pearls beads, etc. But, you should make sure the beads for each earring in the pair match.

Basic Steps You Can’t Miss:

  1. Thread onto the long flathead pin or eye pin one large bead and one medium bead. And you should have the large bead at the bottom and the medium bead at the top.
  2. Trim off a half inch of the long flathead pin or eye pin by using the jewelry cutting pilers or wire cutters.
  3. Bend the exposed length of pin gently using the round-nose pilers, and make it above the medium bead.
  4. Continue bending the exposed pin to create a loop and leave a small opening. Then, thread the earring hook onto the opening, and close the loop opening with the chain-nose pilers.
  5. Repeat the above five steps to make another beaded earring, and then you will finish a pair of beaded earrings.

In general, it is quite easy to create your own beaded earrings which require no professional skills. Making your own beaded earrings can be a good choice to kill a boring weekend. And you can wear the handmade pieces yourself or send them to your families and friends. I am sure your families and friends will appreciate your small handmade gifts.

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