Simple Jewelry Making Tools Reviews

Jewelry making becomes increasing popular in the whole world. Many jewelry funs now join in this hot trend to create their own jewelry pieces. Well, to finish perfect designs, you not only need enough jewelry making supplies, but also the right tools or equipments for the right jewelry making tasks.

The right tools or equipments will help to save time and increase one’s designing potential. So, it is necessary to learn about some simple basic tools and equipments one can use to make wonderful handcraft jewelry. Here are a few reviews to get you prepared the tools you need to make jewelry.

Nylon-Nosed Pliers
As well as beaded jewelry, wire jewelry also enjoys great popularity among jewelry makers. If you decide to create a piece of wire jewelry, then, you will definitely find a pair of nylon-nosed pliers indispensable. With such kind of pliers, you can strengthen out the wire, as well as work-harden the wire.

Standard Bead Chart
Of course, for the beginning jewelry maker, when creating a jewelry piece at home, there are many things to figure out, such as, the bead sizes, number of beads, types of thread, and so on. Then, a standard bead chart will help the beginner quickly located all needed information. For example, if you want to string some gemstone beads into a necklace, the chart can help you learn about the needle size.

Cutter for Beading Wire
While creating wire jewelry, you should not ignore the tools that used for cutting beading wire. Coated wire is often used among jewelry makers. Here, I’d like to suggest a good pair of wire cutters, aka the professional soft cutter, which are specifically designed to cut bead wire.

Micro Crimping Pliers
Well, for most fine beading projects, no matter European charm beads or pearls beads, you will need crimp beads to finish your design. Then, you will need special crimping pliers, aka micro crimpers. They can help you deal with some smaller crimp beads, such as, 1mm crimp beads.

Guide to Jewelry Making Supplies

Supplies Can’t Be Missed in Jewelry Making


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