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Fashion Tips: European Charm Jewelry

European charm jewelry enjoys great popularity all over the world these days. These beautiful, unique, and stunning pieces come in a variety of designs and styles, which are made of European charm beads – also well known as European beads … Continue reading

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Choose Earrings with Your Face Shape

Earrings is one of the most important ornaments for women. Choose earring styles, lengths and shapes correctly to regulate the vision of people and achieve the purpose of image beautification. There are the most changeful earring styles like square, triangle, … Continue reading

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Have Tongue Rings to Keep You a Trendy Person

People always dream of beautiful and standing out. They try many ways to attract others’ attention, such as, sharp words, exaggerated actions, bold cloths, impeccable makeup and fashion jewelry. There is countless fashion jewelry you can expect in the market. … Continue reading

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Great Place to Buy Jewelry for Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be a happy event for people of all countries and religions. Now, the most romantic holiday is around the corner, and it is time to prepare Valentine’s gift for your lover. At present, many people like to … Continue reading

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Tips on Storing Pearl Earrings

As well as pearl necklace, pearl earring is one kind of jewelry that will never go out of the date. Many people are willing to wear pearl earrings to enhance their beauty and charm.   Earrings made of pearl beads … Continue reading

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Beauty Enhancement: Stunning Pendants

Without doubt, wearing a stunning pendant can greatly enhance one’s overall beauty. Pendants are important fashion accessories for women’s beauty project. If you want to achieve a beautiful look, you should not miss the wonderful pendants. Then, for people who … Continue reading

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Online Beads Are Best Choice for Completing Jewelry Making

People are willing to make their own jewelry pieces with loose beads. Now, most of them are aware of the great benefits of online beads. More and more people prefer to purchase beads from online stores. There are many reasons … Continue reading

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Why Buying Wholesale Beads from China

Along with the increasing popular of jewelry making, more and more beads markets appear all over the world. With so many choices, jewelry makers, especially beginners, may not sure where to purchase beads. Why not buying wholesale beads from China? … Continue reading

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Metal Alloy Found in Costume Jewelry

People, who are interested in metal jewelry, must be familiar with metal alloy. Metal alloys are typical synthetic metals that found in cheap jewelry, which are made of two or more different kinds of elements. Actually, metal alloys have been … Continue reading

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Ways to Prevent Silver Necklace Leave Tarnish on Skin

It can not be denied that silver necklace is one of the ever-lasting pieces in people’s life. Among the numerous jewelry pieces, silver necklace stands out for its classic appearance, elegant style, and affordable price. However, as well as any … Continue reading

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