Body Jewelry Instructions for You

Body jewelry is in fashion these days. Many people especially youngsters are likely to have body piercing, and wear body jewelry. No doubt that body jewelry is a great piece to finish your fashion style. However, you need pay attention to the choice of materials for your new body piercing.

Some types of materials are safe for new body piercing, while others types may affect your body’s recovery time, or sometimes even make an infection. Here are some simple instructions for choosing best body jewelry.

Materials to Avoid in New Body Piercing
Nickel – It is a metal that often applied in different kinds of alloys. Nickel is a common irritation to human body. Many people are sensitive to this kind of metal. So, if you have new body piercing, you should not wear metal alloy body jewelry. Once the body jewelry becomes an irritant, you should remove it at once, and avoid wearing body jewelry made from nickel.

Sterling Silver – Sterling silver is made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal, usually copper. Well, the copper is another type of metal that may cause infection easily. Besides, the sterling silver reacts with oxygen when it comes in contact with air or water, and then cause tarnish. So, avoid such materials in your new body piercing.

Plated Gold – Gold or silver plated materials should also be avoided in new body piercing. Once the plating has been rubbed off, the underlying metal will expose to air, and sometimes cause irritation or infection. Besides, some real gold are also not fine for new body piercing, such as, 24K gold.

Safe Materials for New Body Piercing
If you have new body piercing, you may think about to get body jewelry that won’t lead irritation or infection. Then, you can try body jewelry made from surgical stainless steel, surgical implant titanium, or niobium. These materials contain tiny amounts of nickel or copper, which are safe for new body piercing.

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