Choose Earrings with Your Face Shape

Earrings is one of the most important ornaments for women. Choose earring styles, lengths and shapes correctly to regulate the vision of people and achieve the purpose of image beautification. There are the most changeful earring styles like square, triangle, diamond, oval, round, double torsion coil, big decoy circlet with a variety of styles and colors. With gold, silver, jewelry of various materials affordable. But the general principle of choosing proper ear ornaments is to know your face shape.Square Face
Square-faced girl need wear curved earrings which are longer than the lateral beacuse they can contribute to the increase of the length of the face, ease facial angle. For example, long elliptic, lunate, new leaf, a petal shape are suitable. In order to avoid a repetition of face shape, you had better not wear shapes like triangle, square, five corners, edges and corners sharp shape earrings.
Long Face
The girl with a long face shape can wear earrings like round, square and the transverse-design earrings, their round graceful curving character can skillfully increase your face width, reduce the length of the face. A long face is suitable for wearing circular earrings, like the traditional pearl, gemstone stud earrings which tightly can clasp in the ear with unique personal charm.
Sharp Bottom Face
One should choose earrings whose margins are less than the upper edge to reach equilibrium of jaw width and create beautiful facial lines. If you want to wear pendant earrings, please pay special attention to weight and length. In addition, you should avoid earrings whose angles are too obvious like triangle.

Oval Face
Oval faced girls are suitable for earrings like dropping shape, gourd shape, and triangle whose angles are not very sharp for they can increase the oval face degree so that facial line is more straight running.
Lozenge Face
Belongs to this face shape, one matches most are the earrings whose the lower edge is greater than the upper edge, such as water droplets form, shape of chestnuts. But one should avoid wearing jewelry like diamond, heart-shaped, inverted triangle pendant.

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