Have Tongue Rings to Keep You a Trendy Person

People always dream of beautiful and standing out. They try many ways to attract others’ attention, such as, sharp words, exaggerated actions, bold cloths, impeccable makeup and fashion jewelry. There is countless fashion jewelry you can expect in the market. These days, people are no longer limited their eyes on traditional jewelry, such as, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.


At present, there comes a new fashion jewelry, that is body jewelry, including eyebrow rings, nose rings, navel rings, and tongue rings. Among them, tongue rings may be the most unique and fashionable body jewelry. And they are accepted by more and more people, and leading a fashion trend. It is a good choice to keep you a trendy person.


Tongue rings can made of gold, titanium, Teflon, acrylic, silver, or stainless steel. You can choose a tongue ring according to your favorite material. Now, I’d like to introduce several kinds of fashionable tongue rings, you can one which suitable for you.


Steel barbell 14 gauge tongue rings are the fist type I want to introduce. Usually, they are designed in 8 inches in length, and vary in different colors and styles. Several designs are enjoying more popularity than others, like stripes, swirls, butterflies. You can use any antibacterial soap and water to keep good protection of this kind of tongue ring.


Another one is the vibrating barbell tongue rings. A battery is the prominent feature of these steel models which can stimulate the vibrating process for one hour or above. But you should be careful when placing this unique jewelry into your mouth. At last, it is necessary to mention the trendiest one, 3-D dragon shaped barbell tongue ring. Many people are fond of its elegant looking. And the most attractive place is that it can be detached and replaced on the basis of the wearers’ interest.


Except these three types that I mentioned, you can find many other lovely tongue rings. Be careful to choose high quality tongue rings which is safe and comfort to wear.


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