Keep Metal Jewelry from Discoloration

Because metal jewelry often creating an old and vintage feel, it is favored by many fashionable people. Although it may appear dull, and lack shine and luster, people like to add it to finish their fashion style. Admittedly, metal cheap jewelry is not precious as expensive diamond or ruby, it should still be cared for to keep in new-like condition. Here are some tips for keeping metal jewelry from discoloration.

Tip 1: Always remember to take off your metal jewelry when you know you will contact water. For example, if you are going to take a bath, have a spa, or swim in the pool, you should not wear metal jewelry. It is because that moisture will easily cause metal tarnish in jewelry, and then lead to metal discoloration.

Tip 2: Keep in mind to take off your metal costume jewelry while doing some household cleaning. For example, if you are washing dishes by using cleaning solution, you should not have metal alloy rings in your finger. Contacting with cleaning solution which contains chemicals will cause metal corrosion, and lead discoloration.

Tip 3: Be careful to keep your metal jewelry away from any cosmetics like perfume or hairspray. The chemical ingredients in perfume and hairspray will react with the jewelry metals, and then cause discoloration. So, you should better put on metal jewelry after applying perfume, hairspray, or any other cosmetics.

Tip 4: Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of your metal jewelry. It is really an efficient way to keep metal jewelry from discoloration. The coat of nail polish will prevent your metal jewelry from directly contacting with water, sweat, and any other chemical materials that will cause discoloration.

Tip 5: Regularly clean the metal jewelry pieces and store them in good condition. Clean the metal pieces after every-time wear, or at least once a week, to remove the substances that may lead discoloration. You’d better store individual piece in jewelry box or plastic bag, to avoid exposure to air, strong sunlight, or moisture.

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