Loose Beads, Must-Haves for Jewelry Making

If as a fashionable woman you want to get unique jewelry to express your individuality, then jewelry making could be an efficient way to meet your demand. But you may unsure of what are the materials that you will need. Well, loose beads, and wire, clasps, findings like spacers, are essential supplies for jewelry making. In this article, I want to share some of the best beads that your can opt for.

European Charm Beads
European charm beads, also well known as European beads beads or large hole beads, is a huge fashion trend right now. They are relatively the newest beads in jewelry making, which appeared in the market only for several years. With their large holes, multiple materials, and stylish designs, European charm beads are favored by many jewelry designers and makers. If you are looking for beads for jewelry making, it is really a good idea to choose European charm beads, which will add great charm to your designs.

Crystal glass beads
While choosing fashion jewelry, most women would lay much stress on color and luster. There is no doubt that women like to use colorful and brilliant beads to come out stunning jewelry pieces. In this case, crystal glass beads would be great option for these people. Among the numerous beads, crystal glass beads are famous for its bright colors and brilliant luster. To design shinning jewelry pieces, you should not miss crystal glass beads.

Pearls Beads
The pearls beads are certainly the all time favorite pieces in jewelry making. They are one of the oldest beads that found in jewelry making supplies. Today, many jewelry designs still show great preference for these classic beads. Adding earrings or necklaces made of pearls beads to the outfits will leave graceful impression on others.

Tibetan Silver Beads
If you want to create jewelry in vintage designs, then Tibetan silver beads are great options. These beads are available in many vintage designs, like London bus, bronze mirror, purse, etc. Using fantastic Tibetan silver beads will add great glamour to your jewelry designs.

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