Some Basic Materials for Jewelry Making

From the perspective of whole world, now more and more people choose to create their own jewelry by hand. These handmade items are unique, beautiful, inexpensive and best express their individualities. And as long as you mater the right ways and follow the good instruction, you will find jewelry making requires no professional technique. The following are some basic elements that you should pay attention to.

Loose Beads
Beads are the fundamental elements for making your own jewelry. Usually, we can find a large variety of beads available in different materials, including pearl, shell, coral, crystal glass, lampwork glass, agate, howlite turquoise, hematite, Tibetan silver, sterling silver, etc.

Cord, Thread, Wire
Apart from loose beads, cord, thread and wire are also essential elements. You will never finish any piece without them. They come in various colors and materials. Make sure to choose the right type for your design. What’s more, keep in mind to leave the appropriate length of cord or wire.

Clasps and Findings
You will be able to find many clasps in various styles, such as, magnetic, box, lobster, hook, strand, toggle, etc. There are available in market. Findings are necessary components that employed in the manufacture of jewelry. There are different types of findings which are used for different purposes, like charms, spacers, hook, pins, and other kinds.

There are thousands of online stores offer customers various kinds of beads jewelry pieces. For instance,, a large online jewelry wholesaler in China, can offer customers various kinds of jewelry making materials. From it, customers will enjoy good quality as well as great discounts.

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