Tips for Keeping Silver Pendants from Fading

No doubt that silver jewelry is one of the most preferred pieces among people. For example, many fashionable people like to wear silver pendants to finish their fashion style. Well, when we talk about silver pendants, we actually refer to 925 silver pendants.

925 Silver is also named as sterling silver. But it is different from pure silver, and much cheap than real silver. In fact, 925 Silver is a kind of silver that has been made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The combination of copper enhances the hardness of sterling silver, which make it perfect for designing fashion jewelry. However, 925 Sterling Silver which contains copper can corrode easily, which make silver cheap jewelry look faded, and even severely tarnished.

People with silver pendants will often find the pieces look faded. Since 925 Silver is not pure silver, it is not suggested to clean it with silver polish. Then, how to solve such problem? Here are some tips for preventing silver pendants from fading.

1. Regularly clean your silver pendants, at least once a week. You can sweep silver pieces with warm water, or mildly acidic baby shampoo water. If necessary, you can use a soft toothbrush or makeup brush to scrub the surface. But you should be gently and lightly. Then, wash the pendant with clean water, and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of silver pendants. It is really an efficient way to keep silver pendants from fading. When contacting with people’s skin, the metal will react with the acidity in the skin of people. Such chemical reaction is one of the main reasons that make silver pendant look faded. Well, the coat of nail polish will prevent silver pendant from contacting with people’s skin directly.

3. Proper storage is also important to keep silver pendants from fading. As we all know, moisture is the main reason that cause corrosion in all kinds of silver jewelry. Therefore, you should better store your silver pendants in dry environment. What’s more, I recommend you place individual pieces in jewelry boxes or plastic bags if you have a large collection of metal jewelry.

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