Tips on Storing Pearl Earrings

As well as pearl necklace, pearl earring is one kind of jewelry that will never go out of the date. Many people are willing to wear pearl earrings to enhance their beauty and charm.


Earrings made of pearl beads are beautiful and classic. However, the charm beads are soft and fragile which require good care. Thus, if you want your pearl earrings last for a long-term use, you need store them very carefully. Here are some tips for storing pearl earrings properly.

First of all, you should clean the pearl earrings before storing them. Compared with other loose beads, it is really complex to deal with pearl beads. Pearls are sensitive to chemicals, such as, acid, makeup, perfume, hairspray, and so on. So, you can put the pearl earrings into warm water, and then scrub them gently with soft cloth.


Then, it is necessary to separate pearl earrings from other jewelry pieces. Of course, it is not wise to store all your fashion accessories into one jewelry box. Some hard beads like 925 sterling silver European beads may scratch the pearl beads. So, I strongly suggest you store your pearl earrings alone.

At last, you should keep your pearl earrings from strong sunlight or too dry atmosphere. While storing the pearl earrings, it is better to place the box in shade place, for the direct sunlight can change the chemical property of pearl beads.


In a word, pearl earrings should be stored carefully. Then, its luster and charm can last for a long time.

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