Ways to Prevent Silver Necklace Leave Tarnish on Skin

It can not be denied that silver necklace is one of the ever-lasting pieces in people’s life. Among the numerous jewelry pieces, silver necklace stands out for its classic appearance, elegant style, and affordable price. However, as well as any other type of metal jewelry, tarnishing is also common in 925 silver necklaces.

About Silver Tarnish
Usually, after wear a piece of silver necklace for a while, wearer will notice that the silver turns green, sometimes, even the skin where the necklace lies also turns green. Well, the green color is usually caused by silver tarnish – a common chemical reaction between silver and other chemical compositions.

Causes of Silver Tarnish
Moisture – Any moisture will cause tarnishing in silver necklace. For example, the sweat from wearer’s body is usually cause silver tarnish.
Oxidation – Another important reason that causes silver tarnish is oxidation. When exposed to air, especially humid air, silver will tarnish easily.

Prevention of Silver Tarnish
Cleaning – If you want to avoid tarnishing, and keep your silver necklace shinning, you should clean your necklace with soda water regularly.
Storing – Proper storage is also an important to prevent your silver necklace from tarnishing. You should better store the silver pieces in clean and dry condition.
Plating – You can have your silver necklaces electroplated to prevent silver tarnish. I suggest you not plate the silver with rhodium – a less reactive metal that resists tarnishing.
Nail Polish – Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of your silver necklaces is also an efficient way to prevent silver tarnish, for the coat of nail polish can keep the silver from contacting with air, moisture, and any other chemicals.

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