Tips on Storing Pearl Earrings

As well as pearl necklace, pearl earring is one kind of jewelry that will never go out of the date. Many people are willing to wear pearl earrings to enhance their beauty and charm.


Earrings made of pearl beads are beautiful and classic. However, the charm beads are soft and fragile which require good care. Thus, if you want your pearl earrings last for a long-term use, you need store them very carefully. Here are some tips for storing pearl earrings properly.

First of all, you should clean the pearl earrings before storing them. Compared with other loose beads, it is really complex to deal with pearl beads. Pearls are sensitive to chemicals, such as, acid, makeup, perfume, hairspray, and so on. So, you can put the pearl earrings into warm water, and then scrub them gently with soft cloth.


Then, it is necessary to separate pearl earrings from other jewelry pieces. Of course, it is not wise to store all your fashion accessories into one jewelry box. Some hard beads like 925 sterling silver European beads may scratch the pearl beads. So, I strongly suggest you store your pearl earrings alone.

At last, you should keep your pearl earrings from strong sunlight or too dry atmosphere. While storing the pearl earrings, it is better to place the box in shade place, for the direct sunlight can change the chemical property of pearl beads.


In a word, pearl earrings should be stored carefully. Then, its luster and charm can last for a long time.

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Beauty Enhancement: Stunning Pendants

Without doubt, wearing a stunning pendant can greatly enhance one’s overall beauty. Pendants are important fashion accessories for women’s beauty project. If you want to achieve a beautiful look, you should not miss the wonderful pendants. Then, for people who are in tight budget, cheap pieces would be better.

Nowadays, more and more women are aware of the important role that pendants play in women’s perfect appearance. There are various designs and styles of pendants in the market. They are available in different materials. Admittedly, the expensive diamond and gold can greatly enhance one’s beauty. However, most women now have strong preference for cheap pendants, for they are still stunning enough to add sparkle to the wearers.

While searching for the market, people can easily meet many choices of cheap pendants. Gemstone pendants, rhinestone pendants, 925 sterling silver pendants are three of the most popular types compared with others.

Gemstone pendants

This kind of pendants is well known for its multiple materials. We all know that various kinds of fine minerals and stones are included in gemstones, such as, azurite, peridot, labradorite, goldstone, amazonite, tiger eye, aventurine, opal opalite, etc. Pendants made of these fancy minerals and stones can easily attract women’s attention.


Rhinestone pendants

The rhinestone pendants are hot nowadays for since its brilliant luster and lovely designs. These dazzling pieces can add sparkle to women’s outfit. And their lovely designs like heart, flower, butterfly, Cute cat, and Mickey can add great glamour to wearers.


925 sterling silver pendants

Pendants made of sterling silver are perfect for women. These pieces are sold at reasonable prices that most women can afford to buy. Meanwhile, they are suitable for all kinds of occasions, both formal and casual. And women can choose 925 sterling silver pendants to match any attire.


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Online Beads Are Best Choice for Completing Jewelry Making

People are willing to make their own jewelry pieces with loose beads. Now, most of them are aware of the great benefits of online beads. More and more people prefer to purchase beads from online stores. There are many reasons for the popular of online beads.


First, online beads offer customer a lot of choices. At present, there are thousands of online stores offer loose beads for jewelry making. Thus, people can compare them carefully, and choose the best one to buy beads. Meanwhile, all online beads stores provide a wide variety of beads, from European charm beads to gemstone beads, from crystal glass beads to Tibetan silver beads. Then, people can choose the most suitable beads for their desired jewelry designs.


Second, online beads can save people a lot of money. While searching for the beads, we can easily notice that the prices of online beads stores are lower than local craft stores. Why? Because there is no middle man among online stores, and they don’t need rent a store, thus, they can make profit with lower prices. Usually, customers can enjoy great discounts and worldwide free shipping from online stores. Then, people are able to complete their jewelry making with less spending.


While, after talking about the two great advantages about online beads, I’m sure that jewelry funs will take online beads into consideration. Moreover, there are many other benefits of online beads. For example, people needn’t go outside to compare beads from store to store. They are able to get what they need stay at home. How convenient!


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Why Buying Wholesale Beads from China

Along with the increasing popular of jewelry making, more and more beads markets appear all over the world. With so many choices, jewelry makers, especially beginners, may not sure where to purchase beads. Why not buying wholesale beads from China? Following are some advantages of Chinese wholesale beads.

First, beads from China are available in large varieties.

Wide selection can be the major advantage of Chinese wholesale beads. At present, more and more jewelry designers and makers are aware of the large varieties of beads from China. In fact, China now enjoys the largest numbers of beads manufactures. Each year, they produce numerous beads for jewelry making. Looking into the beads market, jewelry makers will meet a lot of choices.


Second, beads from China are offered at lower prices.

These days, Chinese wholesale beads become increasing popular around the world, not only for its wide selections, but also for its lower prices. Because the cheap labors and excellent techniques, the prices of beads from China are much lower than beads from other countries. In order to cut down expenditure, most jewelry makers are willing to buy wholesale beads from China. The wholesale prices and great discounts save them a lot.


Third, beads from China come in trend designs and styles.

In order to grasp the market share, beads designers from China always give full play to their endless imagination and creativity. They keep watchful eyes on the fashion trend, and come out many trendy and stylish designs. No matter what kind of beads you want, Chinese wholesale beads won’t let you down.

Still feel annoyed to decide the place to buy cheap beads? Wholesale beads from China would be great choice. Besides, there are numerous online beads stores from China, for example, Ayliss. It is a large reliable online beads store in China, which offer a large collection of beads at wholesale price and worldwide free shipping.

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Metal Alloy Found in Costume Jewelry

People, who are interested in metal jewelry, must be familiar with metal alloy. Metal alloys are typical synthetic metals that found in cheap jewelry, which are made of two or more different kinds of elements. Actually, metal alloys have been widely used in jewelry making process.

In the market, there are many varieties of metal alloys. Generally, they can be divided into two types: ferrous alloys and nonferrous alloys. Stainless steel is typical example of ferrous alloy, while bronze and brass are examples of nonferrous alloys.

Stainless Steel
Well, stainless steel is a ferrous alloy that popular used in designing various kinds of fashion jewelry. It is usually made of iron and chromium, which comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and grades. Such kind of alloy has higher hardness and corrosion resistance. In fact, stainless steel is commonly used in jewelry making due to its ductility and strength.

Bronze can be the oldest alloy that found in people’s daily life. Since the ancient times, bronze has been produced, and used for many different purposes, such as, weapons, tools, and ornaments etc. Bronze is a nonferrous alloy that made from copper and tin, usually, 90% copper and 10% tin. Today, it is also widely used in creating jewelry for its old and vintage feel.

Brass is one kind of nonferrous alloy which composed of copper and zinc. Usually, the copper content is higher than zinc content in brass. However, the color of brass is often determined by the amount of zinc that is added in brass. If the brass contains more zinc than copper, it will have light color. As well as bronze, brass is also commonly used to make jewelry these days.

Other Alloys
Apart from the popular bronze, brass, and stainless steel, there are many other metal alloys can be found, such as, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, and so on. Well, these metal alloys are less used in jewelry making, except copper.

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Ways to Prevent Silver Necklace Leave Tarnish on Skin

It can not be denied that silver necklace is one of the ever-lasting pieces in people’s life. Among the numerous jewelry pieces, silver necklace stands out for its classic appearance, elegant style, and affordable price. However, as well as any other type of metal jewelry, tarnishing is also common in 925 silver necklaces.

About Silver Tarnish
Usually, after wear a piece of silver necklace for a while, wearer will notice that the silver turns green, sometimes, even the skin where the necklace lies also turns green. Well, the green color is usually caused by silver tarnish – a common chemical reaction between silver and other chemical compositions.

Causes of Silver Tarnish
Moisture – Any moisture will cause tarnishing in silver necklace. For example, the sweat from wearer’s body is usually cause silver tarnish.
Oxidation – Another important reason that causes silver tarnish is oxidation. When exposed to air, especially humid air, silver will tarnish easily.

Prevention of Silver Tarnish
Cleaning – If you want to avoid tarnishing, and keep your silver necklace shinning, you should clean your necklace with soda water regularly.
Storing – Proper storage is also an important to prevent your silver necklace from tarnishing. You should better store the silver pieces in clean and dry condition.
Plating – You can have your silver necklaces electroplated to prevent silver tarnish. I suggest you not plate the silver with rhodium – a less reactive metal that resists tarnishing.
Nail Polish – Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of your silver necklaces is also an efficient way to prevent silver tarnish, for the coat of nail polish can keep the silver from contacting with air, moisture, and any other chemicals.

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Hottest Cheap Beads Create Stunning Jewelry Pieces

Beaded jewelries have become more and more popular among women. Adding dazzling loose beads into your jewelry pieces will make you appear more beautiful and attractive. Now, there are several hottest cheap beads for jewelry making in the market.

European charm beads

European charm beads, also known as European beads beads, are originated from the legend “European beads Box”. These beads are always related with hope and courage. They are available in various materials like sterling silver, lampwork glass, dichroic glass, howlite turquoise, rhinestone, metal, polymer clay, etc. Moreover, the distinctive character of European charm beads is its big hole, which makes it easier to design jewelry pieces.


Gemstone beads

Gemstone beads are also well known for its multiple materials. There are many fine minerals and stones are involved in gemstones, including azurite, peridot, labradorite, goldstone, amazonite, tiger eye, aventurine, opal opalite, garnet, amethyst, obsidian, lapis lazuli, unakite, malachite, fluorite, quartz, etc. Many women are attracted by these fancy minerals and stones.


Tibetan silver beads

Some people may think that Tibetan silver beads is similar to sterling silver beads, in fact, is not. Tibetan silver share many different characters with sterling silver. It is often linked with Buddha, which possess mysterious atmosphere. Now, Tibetan silver beads are widely used in jewelry making. People not only use them to make jewelry pieces directly, meanwhile, apply them as spacer beads to match other loose beads.


For all jewelry makers, it is necessary to cut down expenditure. Then, where to get these hottest beads at cheap prices? can be the best place. It is a large online beads supplier from China, which offers large collection of cheap beads. If one is going to get cheap European charm beads, cheap gemstone beads, or cheap Tibetan silver beads, it is a smart choice to choose

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Fashion Trends: Beaded Jewelry

These days, people lay much stress on fashion. They are aware of the importance of fashion, and follow the fashion trends to complete their personal style. Well, the conception of “fashion” has been applied in many different aspects in our daily life, from outfit to makeup. At present, in the fashion world, we can view a hot trend – beaded jewelry.

Some years age gold jewelry was enjoy great popularity among people, while right now this condition has changed. Today, fashion jewelry made of cheap beads has captured most people’s eyesight. More and more people prefer to cheap beaded jewelry rather than precious gold or diamond jewelry.

Why beaded jewelry is so popular?
Beautiful, shinning, gorgeous, attractive, trendy, inexpensive…all these adjectives are often used to describe beaded jewelry. While selecting jewelry, people will be easily attracted by these wonderful pieces. Besides, people are able to create their own fashion statement. At present, handcraft jewelry is very popular, which allows people to make their personalized jewelry pieces with loose beads. These handmade pieces can better express wearers’ individuality and personal style.

Wide selection of beaded jewelry
Another great advantage of beaded jewelry depends on its wide selections. In beaded jewelry, jewelry beads are available in large varieties. They are varying in different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. Well, the materials found in jewelry beads include, sterling silver, gemstone, crystal glass, howlite turquoise, agate, shell, and so on. In general, there is an assortment of beaded jewelry for people selecting from. People are able to choose the one they like best.

Wide availability of beaded jewelry
Well, local jewelry stores are normal ways to buy beaded jewelry. At present, there are many different ways to get trendy beaded jewelry. One of the most popular ways is online jewelry stores. Looking into the market, it is possible to find thousands of online stores provide customers with cheap jewelry. So, it is a good idea to get beaded jewelry from online stores, for the great discounts and free shipping will save people a lot of money.

Gorgeous Necklace Fill Your Wardrobe

Stringing Style of Bead Jewelry


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Korean Style Jewelry Brings You Sweet Glamour

Beautiful and stunning jewelry is the best ornament to enhance one’s overall image and improve one’s personality in showing individuality. During the seasons between spring and summer, with the aroma of flower and grass permeating into everywhere, I reckon it on what fits the pleasing seasons most is nothing better than Korean style jewelry.

Hey, girls, can you imaginate the amazing secne of wearing pieces of jewelry made in Korean style to enhance some special exotic glamour to your whole outlook? Of course, Korean style jewelry is the leading theme of such sweet season, right?

There is a variety of Korean style jewelry available to choose in the market now, for example, Korean style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. During such nice season, maybe the heart flower pendant chain necklace which inlaid with clear crystal glass is the hottest among so many kinds of fashionable jewelry. Whether you wear blouses or dresses, please try Korean style jewelry and assure the rest that it will complement you to the utmost beautiful and sweet girl.

Although Korean style jewelry is available in many different designs and materials, and I bet it most of the people like most will be the stylish metals jewelry like 925 sterling silver.

Another important thing is that Korean style jewelry can work well with almost all attire,even on disparate occasions. To enrich your charm,just select the delicate Korean style jewelry!

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Body Jewelry Instructions for You

Body jewelry is in fashion these days. Many people especially youngsters are likely to have body piercing, and wear body jewelry. No doubt that body jewelry is a great piece to finish your fashion style. However, you need pay attention to the choice of materials for your new body piercing.

Some types of materials are safe for new body piercing, while others types may affect your body’s recovery time, or sometimes even make an infection. Here are some simple instructions for choosing best body jewelry.

Materials to Avoid in New Body Piercing
Nickel – It is a metal that often applied in different kinds of alloys. Nickel is a common irritation to human body. Many people are sensitive to this kind of metal. So, if you have new body piercing, you should not wear metal alloy body jewelry. Once the body jewelry becomes an irritant, you should remove it at once, and avoid wearing body jewelry made from nickel.

Sterling Silver – Sterling silver is made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal, usually copper. Well, the copper is another type of metal that may cause infection easily. Besides, the sterling silver reacts with oxygen when it comes in contact with air or water, and then cause tarnish. So, avoid such materials in your new body piercing.

Plated Gold – Gold or silver plated materials should also be avoided in new body piercing. Once the plating has been rubbed off, the underlying metal will expose to air, and sometimes cause irritation or infection. Besides, some real gold are also not fine for new body piercing, such as, 24K gold.

Safe Materials for New Body Piercing
If you have new body piercing, you may think about to get body jewelry that won’t lead irritation or infection. Then, you can try body jewelry made from surgical stainless steel, surgical implant titanium, or niobium. These materials contain tiny amounts of nickel or copper, which are safe for new body piercing.

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