Wear Amethyst Necklaces to Complete One’s Personal Style

While taking a look into the jewelry world, one will easily notice the great popularity of necklaces. Adding beautiful bracelets to one’s outfit can certainly attract others’ attention. This important kind if fashion accessory can enhance one’s beauty in a wonderful way.

Just like bracelets or any other fashion accessories, excellent necklaces are able to make the wearer stand out from the crowd, and give a deep impression on others. Sometimes, people can know others’ character on the basis of the necklaces around the neck. If you are looking for trendy and stylish necklaces, you can consider amethyst necklaces.


These days, one can find a large variety of necklaces available in different designs and styles in the market. More and more materials have been used in making necklaces. For example, people can find magnetic necklaces, shell necklaces, turquoise necklaces, agate necklaces, jade necklaces, and lapis necklaces etc. Among the multiple choices, amethyst necklaces are one of the most preferred types. Many women are attracted by its pure color and bright luster.

Amethyst necklaces are very suitable for formal dress. If you are going to attend some formal occasion, wearing an amethyst necklace with the dress will never go wrong, and the necklace can greatly help to enhance your personal style. And then, you will be able to show noble and elegant. Meanwhile, the amethyst necklaces can also match some casual cloth. For instance, adding amethyst necklace can add sparkle to a simple white T-shirt.

What’s more, the amethyst necklaces are more affordable than gold and platinum. Thus, many women are willing to get one to complete their overall look. At present, people can get amethyst necklaces from online jewelry wholesale stores. The cheap prices from these online stores can save people more.

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Loose Beads, Interesting Items to DIY Your Own Jewelry

These days, many people are weary of the large collection of manufactured products. There is no doubt that butter to butter is no relish. In order to make a difference from others, people start to create small articles by hand. Now, it is a hot trend to DIY one’s own jewelry.

Many people are participating in the interesting journey of jewelry making. Beads are definitely the indispensable jewelry making supplies to complete any design. These beautiful, charming and affordable beads can make jewelry pieces appear more attractive.


Today, large collections of beads are available in the market. They come in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. These beads can be roughly divided into two aspects according to the years, such as, the latest European charm beads, gemstone beads, howlite turquoise beads, hematite beads, and Tibetan silver beads, or the classic pearls beads, shell beads, coral beads, lampwork glass beads, agate beads, jade beads.

What’s more, all these beads come in different colors and shapes, which give people more choices. For example, we can easily find red, orange, purple, pink, black, white, blue, and green etc. At the same time, there is large variety of shapes, like round, square, oval, rice, button, teardrop, coin, button, and many other shapes.


Some people may complain that it is difficult to get the right kind of beads for jewelry making. As matter of fact, it is quite interesting to select from the numerous beads. If you are looking for materials for your DIY project, I suggest you to consider loose beads. They are perfect items to design various kinds of jewelry pieces, like earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings and even hair accessories.

Eventually, loose beads become popular today. They can bring inspirations to jewelry designs. Meanwhile, they can be used to DIY other interesting article, such as, a window curtain, or a watch chain.


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Choose the Suitable Beads to Complete Jewelry Designs

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Select the Suitable Beads for Perfect Jewelry Designs

Beads can be one of the oldest materials for jewelry designs. Today, beaded jewelry is still a popular trend in the market. Many women are willing to wear jewelry pieces made of beads. When it comes to the beaded jewelry, there are many various kinds of beads available in all colors, sizes, shapes, and materials.


Since beads are the foundation of all jewelry making supplies, it is quite important to make the choice. While looking into the market, we can find beads made of various materials, such as, sterling silver, gemstone, Tibetan silver, crystal glass, lampwork glass, dichroic glass, howlite turquoise, rhinestone, metal, and polymer clay etc. Thus, people should choose the right kind on the basis of their desired jewelry designs.


These days, it is a hot trend to design jewelry pieces with loose beads. And jewelry making is really an interesting and rewarding activity, which can bring many amazing effects to people. Meanwhile, it is a great way to express one’s personality. No wonder that more and more people start to create their own beaded jewelry by hand.


Beads for jewelry making can be bought from both online and offline stores. Well, online stores are better than offline stores, which will allow people to get the most suitable beads. When take a look into the market, it is very easy to find thousands of online stores offer various kinds of jewelry beads. With the wide selection, people will definitely get the suitable beads for perfect jewelry designs.

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Some Basic Materials for Jewelry Making

From the perspective of whole world, now more and more people choose to create their own jewelry by hand. These handmade items are unique, beautiful, inexpensive and best express their individualities. And as long as you mater the right ways and follow the good instruction, you will find jewelry making requires no professional technique. The following are some basic elements that you should pay attention to.

Loose Beads
Beads are the fundamental elements for making your own jewelry. Usually, we can find a large variety of beads available in different materials, including pearl, shell, coral, crystal glass, lampwork glass, agate, howlite turquoise, hematite, Tibetan silver, sterling silver, etc.

Cord, Thread, Wire
Apart from loose beads, cord, thread and wire are also essential elements. You will never finish any piece without them. They come in various colors and materials. Make sure to choose the right type for your design. What’s more, keep in mind to leave the appropriate length of cord or wire.

Clasps and Findings
You will be able to find many clasps in various styles, such as, magnetic, box, lobster, hook, strand, toggle, etc. There are available in market. Findings are necessary components that employed in the manufacture of jewelry. There are different types of findings which are used for different purposes, like charms, spacers, hook, pins, and other kinds.

There are thousands of online stores offer customers various kinds of beads jewelry pieces. For instance, Ayliss.com, a large online jewelry wholesaler in China, can offer customers various kinds of jewelry making materials. From it, customers will enjoy good quality as well as great discounts.


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Sterling Silver Heart Pendant for Valentine Day

Now, the most romantic holiday – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some people may like to get precious diamond or sapphire to please their sweethearts. Well, expensive Valentine’s Day gifts may be impressive, but the high price doesn’t always mean the gift is thoughtful. It would be better to treat the special woman in your life to a present that shows her how much you care about her, not how much money you spent.

Generally, it is quite easy to purchase a gift, but an impressive gift needs your attention. There are many items available in the market can present as Valentine’s gifts. If you play your creativity and imagination, and really think about what your sweetheart likes and dislikes, you will be able to find inexpensive but great Valentine gifts, for example, sterling silver heart pendants.

Sterling Silver Charm Pendant
This sterling silver pendant holds three charms, and each charms hangs from a different length of sterling silver chain. And the three charms work together to speak out the love letters “I Love You”. It would be great to express your love with this beautiful, dramatic, and romantic charm pendant.

Double Heart Silver Pendant
The design of double heart is widely applied in couple jewelry. Many people love this romantic and impressive design. The graceful, interconnected sterling silver hearts are perfect for the lover, which can present as wonderful Valentine gift. You will certainly please your sweetheart with such impressive pendant.

Heart Key Silver Pendant
For this piece of pendant, designers incorporated the look of a heart, which is the best symbol of love, with a vintage skeleton key. Combine the heart with the key greatly reinforce the romantic significance of this sterling silver pendant. Such heart key sterling silver pendant just expresses the love letter “Key to Your Heart”. Really romantic!

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Give Your Boyfriend a Wonderful Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming, and it is a time to prepare gift for your lover. Selecting out a special, creative, and meaningful is not an easy task. But, preparing your Valentine’s Day gift is really a bouquet of roses. Following are a few tips for a wonderful Valentine Gift to your boyfriend.

  • Decide what your boyfriend’s gift expectations are for Valentine’s Day.
  • Choose a gift that would never make him panic when he sees it.
  • Consider asking what he would like for Valentine’s Day to give him a hint.
  • Plan an unconventional gift, say, to give him a big surprise.

In the market, there are many items can present as Valentine gifts. Still can’t determine the gift for your boyfriend? I suggest you take men’s jewelry into consideration. No doubt that cheap jewelry might not be the first gift that comes to mind when you think of a man. However, think again, jewelry is really great gift idea, for many men lover a little bling as well as women. Actually, there are many jewelry pieces specifically come to men’s needs. Here are some popular men’s jewelry pieces for your reference.

A bracelet can be a great gift choice for Valentine’s Day. It is really a nice decorative accent to a man’s outfit. Men’s bracelets come in a large variety of designs and styles. Well, Tibetan silver bracelets are great options, both classic and trendy.

Usually, men’s necklaces are available in some large and bold designs. Select a piece of pendant that is specific to your boyfriend’s interests and tastes. Generally, silver chain is typical piece for men. Besides, materials like leather, wood, or other metals can be often expected in men’s necklaces.

Earring studs are also good Valentine gift ideas. However, you should make sure that your boyfriend has one or both of his ears pierced. Or the gift will lose its significance. Choose from a large variety of styles, materials, and sizes based on his favorites. Always avoid some large or long hoop earrings.

Make Handmade Valentine Gift for Him

Great Scot! Silver Fashion Jewelry


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Stunning Sterling Silver Earrings for Men

Sterling silver plays a very important role in men’s jewelry. Silver presents the elegance of yellow gold and appear of white gold at a very competitive selling price. That should be the main factor that silver is utilized to produce various types of jewelry decorations such as silver bangle, silver pendants, silver ear stud earrings and silver finger rings. The vibrant sparkle of sterling silver tends to make it be noticeable in the thousand of metal materials.

Today, silver earrings tend to be put on not only by females but also by males. Men’s earrings have developed from the standard ear stud to the numerous designs which we can discover among the man Artist celebs, man athletes, and chorus boys who are wearing ear rings. And men’s ear rings almost match any kind of clothes, from formal dress to casual dress, men don’t have to spend lots of time to pick up the suitable one to match the daily dress, every one is the perfect one. Moreover, it can display the good fashion sense of the wearers to wear the stylish earrings.

Despite the fact that the expression of men’s earring is single, but now, more and more males love to put on ear-rings in set, the two ears are decorated. Frequently, men’s ear-rings may be marketed in one piece, but it also become common to buy in twos due to the reality that a great many males today put on ear-rings in left and right ears. Besides, some guys may purchase earrings in bulk, they now may wear more than one earring in one ear, and so wholesale jewelry is becoming popular.

Like other fashion jewelry, men’s silver earrings also differ in designs, sizes, colors shapes, and styles. You can easily find a myriad of men’s silver earrings in local and online jewelry stores.

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Keep Metal Jewelry from Discoloration

Because metal jewelry often creating an old and vintage feel, it is favored by many fashionable people. Although it may appear dull, and lack shine and luster, people like to add it to finish their fashion style. Admittedly, metal cheap jewelry is not precious as expensive diamond or ruby, it should still be cared for to keep in new-like condition. Here are some tips for keeping metal jewelry from discoloration.

Tip 1: Always remember to take off your metal jewelry when you know you will contact water. For example, if you are going to take a bath, have a spa, or swim in the pool, you should not wear metal jewelry. It is because that moisture will easily cause metal tarnish in jewelry, and then lead to metal discoloration.

Tip 2: Keep in mind to take off your metal costume jewelry while doing some household cleaning. For example, if you are washing dishes by using cleaning solution, you should not have metal alloy rings in your finger. Contacting with cleaning solution which contains chemicals will cause metal corrosion, and lead discoloration.

Tip 3: Be careful to keep your metal jewelry away from any cosmetics like perfume or hairspray. The chemical ingredients in perfume and hairspray will react with the jewelry metals, and then cause discoloration. So, you should better put on metal jewelry after applying perfume, hairspray, or any other cosmetics.

Tip 4: Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of your metal jewelry. It is really an efficient way to keep metal jewelry from discoloration. The coat of nail polish will prevent your metal jewelry from directly contacting with water, sweat, and any other chemical materials that will cause discoloration.

Tip 5: Regularly clean the metal jewelry pieces and store them in good condition. Clean the metal pieces after every-time wear, or at least once a week, to remove the substances that may lead discoloration. You’d better store individual piece in jewelry box or plastic bag, to avoid exposure to air, strong sunlight, or moisture.

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Where One Can Get Cheap Beads

These days, jewelry making becomes a hot trend all over the world. It is really an interesting and rewarding activity. More and more women are willing to create their own jewelry pieces by hand. However, it can also be a pricey hobby if you do not know the place to buy cheap beads.


When you are going to create jewelry with loose beads but have a tight budget, it is time to find a beads shop providing you with cheap price. In this case, I suggest you consider online stores. Compared with local shops, online stores offer you the best bargain for saving money.

While looking for an online beading shop, you should consider the following small tips.


Take advantage of the online resources. Stay at home and click the mouse. You will find a large collection of online stores offer cheap jewelry beads. With the great convenient of online shopping, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy, and time.

Find a reliable online beads supplier. While surfing the internet, it is possible to meet a large collection of online stores providing customers with various kinds of beads. Well, it is very important to find a reputable supplier. Therefore, you can sure the quality of beads and safe of buying.


Join in online shopping forum. Today, online forums are perfect place to exchange ideas and experiences. You can become a member of an online shopping forum. I’m sure you will get useful information about cheap beads suppliers.

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Enhance Your own Personality with Pearl earrings

Pearl is referred to as No.1 of gems. It isn’t restricted to a certain age group; it satisfies almost all women of all ages. People believed that most women putting on pearl |jewelry seem like a queen.

Jewelry is made from various materials, but the most appreciated material is pearl. Its white color, delicate, elegant, and marvelous always catches public attention.

Pearl Jewelry is not just limited to bracelets and necklaces. Pearl earrings are also found in many different selections, so more and more women love to wear peal earrings to enhance their own personality.

You can find various types of pearls which could be put to use to make pearl ear-rings. Akoya cultured pearls which developed in saltwater are always more expensive than the freshwater pearls, so the saltwater cultured pearls earrings are also commonly more expensive than those produced from freshwater cultured pearls.

Pearl earrings appear in various colors, sizes and shapes. The various sizes of pearls may vary from 4mm to 10 mm, the colors can be white, black, yellow, blue, silvery and other colors, and the shapes of pearls may be rice, round, coin, potato, heart, button, baroque, etc. Luster is another essential factor of pearls to make pearl earrings; it will iuence the shine of the earrings.

Whatever which kind of pearl earrings you are going to buy, you always can find the one you like, and it will let you down to choose the appropriate pearl earrings to enhance your own personality.


Freshwater Pearls

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