Where One Can Get Cheap Beads

These days, jewelry making becomes a hot trend all over the world. It is really an interesting and rewarding activity. More and more women are willing to create their own jewelry pieces by hand. However, it can also be a pricey hobby if you do not know the place to buy cheap beads.


When you are going to create jewelry with loose beads but have a tight budget, it is time to find a beads shop providing you with cheap price. In this case, I suggest you consider online stores. Compared with local shops, online stores offer you the best bargain for saving money.

While looking for an online beading shop, you should consider the following small tips.


Take advantage of the online resources. Stay at home and click the mouse. You will find a large collection of online stores offer cheap jewelry beads. With the great convenient of online shopping, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy, and time.

Find a reliable online beads supplier. While surfing the internet, it is possible to meet a large collection of online stores providing customers with various kinds of beads. Well, it is very important to find a reputable supplier. Therefore, you can sure the quality of beads and safe of buying.


Join in online shopping forum. Today, online forums are perfect place to exchange ideas and experiences. You can become a member of an online shopping forum. I’m sure you will get useful information about cheap beads suppliers.

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Enhance Your own Personality with Pearl earrings

Pearl is referred to as No.1 of gems. It isn’t restricted to a certain age group; it satisfies almost all women of all ages. People believed that most women putting on pearl |jewelry seem like a queen.

Jewelry is made from various materials, but the most appreciated material is pearl. Its white color, delicate, elegant, and marvelous always catches public attention.

Pearl Jewelry is not just limited to bracelets and necklaces. Pearl earrings are also found in many different selections, so more and more women love to wear peal earrings to enhance their own personality.

You can find various types of pearls which could be put to use to make pearl ear-rings. Akoya cultured pearls which developed in saltwater are always more expensive than the freshwater pearls, so the saltwater cultured pearls earrings are also commonly more expensive than those produced from freshwater cultured pearls.

Pearl earrings appear in various colors, sizes and shapes. The various sizes of pearls may vary from 4mm to 10 mm, the colors can be white, black, yellow, blue, silvery and other colors, and the shapes of pearls may be rice, round, coin, potato, heart, button, baroque, etc. Luster is another essential factor of pearls to make pearl earrings; it will iuence the shine of the earrings.

Whatever which kind of pearl earrings you are going to buy, you always can find the one you like, and it will let you down to choose the appropriate pearl earrings to enhance your own personality.


Freshwater Pearls

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Do You Know the Differences Between Freshwater Pearls & Akoya Pearls?

You definitely hear about Akoya pearls and Freshwater pearls if you’re hunting for pearls fashion jewelry, you might be curious the differences between them.

Firstly, though Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls are cultured pearls, Akoya Pearls are cultivated in saltwater, as the name implies, Freshwater Pearls are cultivated in freshwater.


Secondly, obviously, Akoya Pearls mainly come in round shape. They’re nucleated with the spherical bead produced from the freshwater mussel which is made round to start with, which are “beaded” pearls. However, in addition to round shape, Freshwater pearls come in lots of other different shapes. They are “beadless” and mantle-developed in shells.

Thirdly, freshwater pearls are more affordable, and Akoya pearls always are more costly. As you know, it is easy

to cultivate freshwater pearls, but it is much difficult to grow the akoya pearls. People easily control the freshwater environment that is always man-made developed, but they can’t control the saltwater environment which is easily iuenced by the natural disaster

Fourthly, freshwater pearls jewelry has much less luster than the top grade Akoya pearls jewelry, you may already know, the grade is better, the surface of Akoya pearl is luster.

Last but not least, the pearl growing in Freshwater has solid nacre which means freshwater peal jewelry can

be maintained longer. Inversely, Akoya pearl is usually allowed to grow the nacre for short time, which leads to the thin nacre of Akoya pearl. The grade is lower; the nacre of the pearl is thinner.

There are just the basic differences, if you’re familiar with Akoya saltwater pearls and Freshwater pearls, you’ll find the other more differences between both of them.

Freshwater Pearls



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Knowledge of Gemstone loose beads

Knowledge of Gemstone loose beads

Women of all ages adore putting on jewelry pieces which please and ensure them of their particular attractiveness which they contain.

In addition to diamond, platinum, yellow gold and sterling silver, gems jewelry is as well well-known in females.

Gems appear in a number of radiance and colors. You will discover many selections of gemstone beads jewelry pieces. It is possible to stud your gemstone in a Bling Bling gold base or platinum. What’s more, you’re able to make use of other metals that fits with this particular.

There are actually a number of ways you are able to decide the item of most of these gems. These gemstones are ordered mainly for decorative function and some may own them with regard to their particular awesome characteristics.

Lots of people would like own unique and costly cut gems. Most people will pick out this gemstone beads based on size color and form.

Loose gemstones which are awesome and eye-catching can be created from sapphire gems, agate gems, ruby gems, labradite gems, malachite gems, citrine gems, ametrine gems, blue topaz gems, garnet gemstones, aquamarine gems, emerald gemstones, jade gemstones, jasper gemstones, etc.

Single gems may be very high-priced particularly if they’re internally transparent, no flaw and outstanding. Just before spending a large number of cash for natural gemstone, you ought to do a lot of investigation on status of the organization or particular person who you are going to buy the gemstone from.

Gemstones which aren’t heating handled to enhance their color are typically much more costly and precious. Moonstone, peridot and hematite are appearing in this category. Other treatment options will probably be added in this gemstone are fracture filling, laser drilling and diffusion. Similarly, synthetic stones are most likely to be weightier than original gemstones.

It is advisable to think about some factors before purchasing synthetic stones or natural gemstones. Folks who collect gemstones generally search for unique and original ones. Synthetic stones are created perfect and more dazzling than original gemstones. Inversely, in natural gems you will probably find inclusions, some other flaws and scratches. Subsequently, you ought to think about color and clarity of the gems you’re going to purchase. The color ought to be even all through the whole stone. Vibrantly colored stones in many cases are higher quality than the unexciting and dull color gems.


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Costume Beads Jewelry – Another Irresistible Jewelry

There is no denying that jewelry plays an indispensable part in our daily life. In most women’s opinions, it is the same important as beautiful dress.Have you ever considered costume beads jewelry?

There are a large collection of types for you to select, for one thing, embossed costume beads, foiled costume beads, enameled costume beads, and elongated costume beads etc. Moreover, they are also rich in colors, including black, white, blue, purple, red, sky blue and so on. Generally speaking, summer is the most fantastic season among the four season, bring color can add more flavor to the sparkling season.

Usually, a woman has more than one piece in her wardrobe. Fashion costume jewelry accessories are offered at lower prices. Thus, people can afford to buy them. Meanwhile, their trendy and stylish designs make people appear more attractive. In a word, no one can resist the temptation of cheap price of costume jewelry.

Generally, people can get costume jewelry in different ways. Firstly, one can buy it from online stores. Nowadays, online shopping is very popular among people. Many things are offered by online stores. At present, many online wholesale stores provide various kinds of accessories. What’s more, people can enjoy great discounts as well as worldwide free shipping. And jewelry making is an efficient way to get costume accessory. Now, jewelry making becomes the hottest trend around the world. Many people prefer to make their own jewelry by hand rather than purchase manufactured products from local stores. They can get cheap beads and other jewelry supplies from online wholesale stores. Therefore, one can get beautiful and unique jewelry with less spending.

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Work It Out: Metal Jewelry Making

It seems that metal jewelry is dull when compared with beaded jewelry. Admittedly, these distressed metals may lack shine and luster. But metal jewelry still stands out, for heavy jewelry metals often create old vintage feel – now the leading trend in the fashion world. Earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings…various kinds of fashion accessories can be made of metals.

At present, it is a hot trend to create jewelry with loose beads at home. In fact, creating metal jewelry by hands is also possible if you pay enough attention and learn some skills.

Taking a quick search into the jewelry market, we can find there are large varieties of metals for making jewelry, both precious and cheap. Gold and platinum are two precious metals that found in jewelry. While for homemade jewelry, we often refer to cheap metals, including Tibetan silver, Thai silver, sterling silver, bronze, brass, copper, steel, silver plate, and gold plate etc.

When it comes to jewelry making, it is important to note jewelry supplies. In the market, it is very easy to prepare metal jewelry supplies, from beads to findings. In fact, metal beads, metal wire, metal clasps, and metal findings are all available. So, jewelry makers can get what they need to complete their metal jewelry making.

While making jewelry at home, it is important to decide the design. As well as jewelry materials, jewelry metals can be used to create various kinds of fashion accessories, like earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets etc. You can work out your personal style to select the suitable designs.

Well, some people may hold the opinion that creating metal jewelry is difficult. Thus, they never have a try. As a matter of fact, the process of creating jewelry with metal supplies is not such complicated as some people imagined. With attention and skill, everyone is able to complete a perfect metal jewelry to finish a vintage look.

Metal Supplies for Making Vintage Jewelry

Metal Jewelry Drawbacks That Matter


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Fascinating Gemstone Supplies for Jewelry Making

Gemstones are really fascinating! Their rich colors, type diversity, and healing properties have started a hot trend all over the world. Many people now show great interest on pieces made of gemstone beads. Well, gemstones are widely used for making jewelry, such as, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants etc.

Colors and Shapes
Gemstones used in jewelry making come in many different colors and shapes. Black, gray, orange, pink, red, turquoise, white, and yellow…all these colors can be found. Colored gemstones are available in various shapes, like rice, button, round, teardrop, and marquise, nugget, tube, briolette, and so on.

Type Diversity
Gemstones are well known for its large varieties of types. Many fine minerals and stones are included in gemstones beads. In the market, we can find precious gems like emerald and sapphire. Meanwhile, there is a variety of semi-precious gems that look ass good as precious ones, such as, amethyst, garnet, coral beads, and howlite beads etc.

Healing Properties
Healing energies about gemstones have been revered and valued for centuries in many cultures. Many people are interested in amusing healing properties of gems. For example, agate is said to discern truth, accept circumstances. And many people even believe that wearing jewelry made of agate beads will improve memory and concentration.

Most gemstones are birthstones that are associated with a certain month of a year. For example, garnet is the birthstone for January, amethyst for February, and pearl for June. Birthstone jewelry is worn by people born in a particular month. And such meaningful jewelry often presents as thoughtful gift.

Gemstone Supplies
At present, gemstone beads are in large demand. Jewelry designers and makers like to add these fascinating stones to their jewelry designs. If you are going to create gemstone jewelry yourself at home, there are many places to buy gemstone beads. For example, you can choose a reliable online beads store to enjoy the wholesale prices.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Cleaning Tips

Women’s Favorite, Gemstone European Beads


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Tips for Keeping Silver Pendants from Fading

No doubt that silver jewelry is one of the most preferred pieces among people. For example, many fashionable people like to wear silver pendants to finish their fashion style. Well, when we talk about silver pendants, we actually refer to 925 silver pendants.

925 Silver is also named as sterling silver. But it is different from pure silver, and much cheap than real silver. In fact, 925 Silver is a kind of silver that has been made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The combination of copper enhances the hardness of sterling silver, which make it perfect for designing fashion jewelry. However, 925 Sterling Silver which contains copper can corrode easily, which make silver cheap jewelry look faded, and even severely tarnished.

People with silver pendants will often find the pieces look faded. Since 925 Silver is not pure silver, it is not suggested to clean it with silver polish. Then, how to solve such problem? Here are some tips for preventing silver pendants from fading.

1. Regularly clean your silver pendants, at least once a week. You can sweep silver pieces with warm water, or mildly acidic baby shampoo water. If necessary, you can use a soft toothbrush or makeup brush to scrub the surface. But you should be gently and lightly. Then, wash the pendant with clean water, and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Paint a layer of clear nail polish on the cover of silver pendants. It is really an efficient way to keep silver pendants from fading. When contacting with people’s skin, the metal will react with the acidity in the skin of people. Such chemical reaction is one of the main reasons that make silver pendant look faded. Well, the coat of nail polish will prevent silver pendant from contacting with people’s skin directly.

3. Proper storage is also important to keep silver pendants from fading. As we all know, moisture is the main reason that cause corrosion in all kinds of silver jewelry. Therefore, you should better store your silver pendants in dry environment. What’s more, I recommend you place individual pieces in jewelry boxes or plastic bags if you have a large collection of metal jewelry.

Why Metal Jewelry Turn Skin Green

Metal Jewelry Drawbacks That Matter


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Create Your Own Jewelry with Coral Beads

Nowadays, more and more people follow the hot trend of jewelry, and start to create their own jewelry pieces by hand. Jewelry making is really a funny and rewarding process. However, some beginners may worry about what kind of beads is better. If you have no good idea about your jewelry making project, I suggest you consider coral beads.

Coral beads, one of the oldest beads for jewelry producing, are widely used in designing all kinds of fashion accessories, such as, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. While looking into the market, it is easy to get a large variety of coral beads in different colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. So, jewelry makers can choose their favorite one for jewelry making.


Red, pink, olive, blue are several common colors of coral beads, and the red ones are the most preferred one among people. Many women show great interest in jewelry pieces made of red coral beads. At the same time, as well as pearls beads or shell beads, coral beads come in various shapes, like round, oval, rice, button, rectangle, and teardrop etc.

People can complete jewelry designs only with coral beads. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to mix the coral beads with other loose beads together. For example, one can match coral beads with shell beads or crystal glass beads to create a necklace or a bracelet. Sometimes, jewelry makers are willing to add some special spacers or charms to coral beads.

Still searching for beads for your jewelry making? Why not consider coral beads? It is sure a good idea to create wonderful jewelry pieces with these impressive beads. Jewelry makers can buy them from local craft stores, or online beads stores. Well, most people would prefer to online stores for the great discounts and free shipping. After deciding to get coral beads for jewelry designs, one can find a reliable online supplier to buy what needed.


Coral Beads, the Latest Fashion Trend

Coral Beads, Natural Items to Create Stunning Necklaces

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Money-Saving Jewelry Gifts for Christmas

The Christmas is just around the corner. And it is high time to prepare special gifts to celebrate this important festival. In fact, many people now begin to prepare meaningful gifts for both families and friends. Do you have any good Christmas gift ideas? If not, here is a great idea for your reference – cheap jewelry.

Are you wondering if the cheap jewelry is really good gift ideas for Christmas? The answer is “Yes, of course”. In fact, many cheap jewelry pieces can present as perfect Christmas gifts for families and friends. Though cheap jewelry, also named as costume jewelry, is sold at lower prices, they are all well designed. If you pay enough attention to the selection, you will surely please your families and friends with cheap jewelry.

Well, while preparing the Christmas, people should not only pay attention to the choice, but also the price. For people who has limited budget, it is necessary to think about money saving. Here, I would like to share two ways to get money-saving jewelry gifts for Christmas.

Online jewelryBuying discount jewelry from online stores is really a great way to cut down expenditure. Compared with local jewelry stores, online stores always provide customers with wholesale prices and great discounts, which can save customers a lot of money. What’s more, there is a large assortment of jewelry for people to select from. So, if you choose online stores, you will definite get perfect gifts with less spending.

Handmade jewelry – Creating jewelry gifts by hands is also an efficient way to save money. At present, jewelry making is very popular among people around the world. It allows people to come out personalized jewelry with less money. Well, these handmade jewelry pieces are beautiful, exclusive, attractive, and inexpensive, which can present as perfect Christmas gifts. And families and friends will surely be touched by these meaningful gifts.

Hip Hop Bracelets – Great Thanksgiving Gifts for Men

Find the Meaningful Gifts – Handmade Jewelry


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