Lampwork Glass Beads Buying Advice

When it comes into the jewelry making, beads are favored by most jewelry makers, both experts and beginners. Among the various kinds of loose beads, lampwork glass beads can be a popular jewelry component. The following are two advices on buying lampwork glass beads.

On one hand, it is important to keep a watchful eye on the type of lampwork glass beads. Here, the type not only refers to the design, but also the color, size, and shape. As we all know, there is a large variety of lampwork glass beads available in the market. They come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. With so many choices, it is not an easy task to make the final decision. So, you should make your choice on the basis of your desired jewelry designs, your outfit, and the occasion you want to wear.


On the other hand, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the place to buy lampwork glass beads. At present, it is a hot trend to buy cheap beads from online beads stores. If you are going to purse online lampwork glass beads, you should be careful to find a reliable online supplier. There are thousands of online beads stores available in the market, how to decide the right place to buy? Well, you can view some hot forums to get suggestions, and view the customers’ feedbacks of a single store.

While buying the lampwork glass beads for jewelry, you should never ignore the two aspects. Making sure the right type of beads will allow you come out the perfect design, and finding a reliable beads supplier can ensure the quality of beads you buy. So, keep the two advices in mind, and get perfect lampwork glass beads to create earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.


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Quartz Bracelets: Great Way to Achieve Lovely Style

These days, many women are looking for ways to appear young and lovely. In this case, quartz bracelets are a great way to help one achieve lovely personal style. They are beautiful, brilliant, attractive, and inexpensive. No wonder those quartz bracelets have become increasing popular among people, both middle-aged women and young girls.


Quartz is well known for its dazzling luster. Bracelets made of quartz are really brilliant and attractive. A piece of quartz bracelets can add great sparkle to your outfit. If you are planning to stand out from the crow, adding quartz bracelet will certainly help you catch the spotlight on different occasions.

Another important advantage of quartz bracelets is their lovely appearance. When you take a look into the market, you can find most quartz bracelets come in pure and cute colors, such as, clear, pink, rosy, lavender, and so on. All these colors make quartz bracelets appear beautiful and lovely.


Today’s quartz bracelets are usually available at lower prices, thus, most people can afford to buy them. In the market, it is easy to find many place offer cheap quartz bracelets, for example, online wholesale jewelry stores. From these online suppliers, people can enjoy wholesale prices as well as worldwide free shipping all the time.

Still looking for jewelry pieces to appear young and lovely? I strongly suggest you consider quartz bracelets or other quartz jewelry, like earrings, necklaces, pendants, or rings. If you wear a quartz bracelet, it will be a great idea to add a quartz necklace to make a perfect collocation.

Choosing the Suitable Bracelet for Your Personal Style


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Simple Jewelry Making Tools Reviews

Jewelry making becomes increasing popular in the whole world. Many jewelry funs now join in this hot trend to create their own jewelry pieces. Well, to finish perfect designs, you not only need enough jewelry making supplies, but also the right tools or equipments for the right jewelry making tasks.

The right tools or equipments will help to save time and increase one’s designing potential. So, it is necessary to learn about some simple basic tools and equipments one can use to make wonderful handcraft jewelry. Here are a few reviews to get you prepared the tools you need to make jewelry.

Nylon-Nosed Pliers
As well as beaded jewelry, wire jewelry also enjoys great popularity among jewelry makers. If you decide to create a piece of wire jewelry, then, you will definitely find a pair of nylon-nosed pliers indispensable. With such kind of pliers, you can strengthen out the wire, as well as work-harden the wire.

Standard Bead Chart
Of course, for the beginning jewelry maker, when creating a jewelry piece at home, there are many things to figure out, such as, the bead sizes, number of beads, types of thread, and so on. Then, a standard bead chart will help the beginner quickly located all needed information. For example, if you want to string some gemstone beads into a necklace, the chart can help you learn about the needle size.

Cutter for Beading Wire
While creating wire jewelry, you should not ignore the tools that used for cutting beading wire. Coated wire is often used among jewelry makers. Here, I’d like to suggest a good pair of wire cutters, aka the professional soft cutter, which are specifically designed to cut bead wire.

Micro Crimping Pliers
Well, for most fine beading projects, no matter European charm beads or pearls beads, you will need crimp beads to finish your design. Then, you will need special crimping pliers, aka micro crimpers. They can help you deal with some smaller crimp beads, such as, 1mm crimp beads.

Guide to Jewelry Making Supplies

Supplies Can’t Be Missed in Jewelry Making


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Guides on Choosing Pendants for the Winter

Now, we come to the cold season – winter. It is time for people to change their dressing style to match the cold weather. For example, women would change their summer dress to winter coat. At the same time, people should also select the cheap jewelry to suits their winter wear. Here, I would like to share several tips on choosing pendants for the cold winter.

Simple but unique pendants now are many people’s favorite. Both men and women show like to add pendants to finish their look. However, there is a misconception that pendants are not suitable for the cold winter with the turtleneck sweater. In fact, pendants are suitable for any season, from summer to winter.

When take a look into the market, it is possible to find large varieties of fashion jewelry in different colors, sizes, materials, designs and styles, so do pendants. Well, to light the gloomy winter, people can choose pendants in some bright colors, like golden, yellow, red, and so on. The bright color pendants will add great sparkle to one’s winter wear.

While choosing pendants for the winter season, people should turn their eyes to pieces in large sizes. At present, large and bold jewelry is leading the fashion. Many people show great passion on these large pieces. And it would be great to add large and bold pendants to the turtleneck sweater in the winter.

Then, people should pay attention to the materials of pendants. To match the winter wear, people can choose pendants in old vintage styles. Well, pendants made of Tibetan silver, cooper, brass, bronze, and other gold-plated metals can meet such needs. Moreover, pendants made of special cheap beads are also good choices, for example, gemstone pendants.

Metal Pendants for Your Little Boy

Pendants, Favorite Pieces among Women


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Upgrade of European Charm Jewelry Industry

The upgrade of European charm jewelry industry is a tempting wealth feast which contains great economic potential. In China, European charm beads seem rise famous overnight. Many exclusive stores emerge in the market, especially wholesale European charm beads stores online. Now it is a trend to wear European charm jewelry, such as European charm bracelets, European charm necklaces, European charm pendants and so on. People prefer to choose it for its high quality, unique design, various styles, and cheap price.

Rainbow European beads lampwork set of 6 01

China enjoys the most huge consumer groups of European charm jewelry around the world. The annual sales amount can even achieve tens of billions of RMB. The industry of European beads jewelry has extensive demand, tremendous potential, and amazing profit with endless business opportunities.


With continues growth of economy, the quality of people’s life becomes higher and higher. There is a qualitative leap for people’s lifestyle. And people begin to advocate individuality and culture during consumption. They are afraid of vulgarization. The low-grade European charm beads with low quality and cheap price can not meet the demand of most consumers.


If all the stores sell the same product, how can we talk about individuality? There is an urgent need for promotion of European charm jewelry industry. Consumers are looking forward to an upgrade of European charm beads. They hope designers can create more unique styles to express their personality.

The overall upgrade and breakthrough will cause a powerful earthquake to European charm jewelry industry. It is not only an overthrow of tradition, but also an innovative revolution. Nowadays, consumers become very reasonable, and would not be fooled by businessmen. They already learned how to compare the products available in the market. If you don’t have enough attractive points, consumers are ready to leave.


European charm beads are the most basic material for making the series of European charm jewelry. Then, we should draw our attention to European charm beads. We can find various materials in the market which can be used to make European charm beads, such as, silver, rhinestone, gemstone, crystal, metal and even clay. Unique style will be the key to make intriguing European charm Jewelry, but you also can not ignore the material that you choose.

The upgrade of European charm jewelry is not the duty of one store or one person. It needs the whole industry to take action to favor it. People should remember that only positive and progressive development can lasting for long time.


Reasons for Your Choice of Online Cheap Beads

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Two Tips for Choosing Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. It is a time of breakfast in bed, family gatherings, and crayon scribbled ” I Love You “. Cards, flowers and food are the most popular Mother‘s Day gifts past years. But this year please send some special jewelry to your mother! With so many gifts available in the market, you will find it is challenging to choose the meaningful and intimate gifts. Here I will share two tips with you.

Think Considerately
When selecting the jewelry gift, you should be thoughtful. You should realize that, it is not the money you have spent, but the jewelry gift will mean to your mother. Maybe your mother know your interests and tastes very much but your know little about mother. You can listen and watch her likes and dislikes, or even ask mother impliedly, then to choose what is suitable her most.

Select Carefully
For Mother’s Day gift, I think the meaning and significance are more than just high price. There is no point in giving some expensive jewelry gifts. Actually, a well-chosen piece of costume jewelry can make an affordable but beautiful gift. However, you should be careful of the selection. Look for jewelry gift in quality design and workmanship. Also, you can make a piece of jewelry for your mother by yourself.

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Who Will Benefit from Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies?

In the past, it was the most common way to buy jewelry from stores. While, in recent years, jewelry making has raised a fashionable trend, more and more people start to make their own unique jewelry. Afterwards, as an emerging industry, wholesale jewelry making supplies begin to enjoy its popularity. And many people benefit a lot from this kind of sale promotion.


You need to prepare a lot of things if you want to make jewelry by yourself. Jewelry supplies include many items, such as, beads, cord, clasp, chain, finding, etc. Knowing what jewelry supplies you need is a crucial process of jewelry making. To save money and time, one of the best choices is to find wholesale jewelry making supplies from online stores. With the development of advance technology, shopping online has played a necessary role in our daily life. There is countless online wholesale jewelry making supplies stores which sell in large quantity at lower price.


Maybe you are a professional jewelry maker, or you just a beginner who has little experience. You will be puzzled by how to find cheap beads to cut down your expenditure. I suggest you to think about wholesale jewelry making supplies. It not only can offer you cheap price and high quality, but also special inspirations and a lot of choice. It will allow you to purchase supplies at unimaginative discounted price.


Moreover, it is also a good thing for jewelry makers if purchasing jewelry supplies in bulk. Compared with specialty jewelry supply stores, you can expect a wide range of different kinds of jewelry beads, findings, wires, and other jewelry tools from one online wholesale store at a lower wholesale price. Usually, you can find many types of wire in the wholesale jewelry making supplies stores.


In addition, wholesale jewelry making supplies stores provide a wide range of items selection which is greater than a smaller store, allowing jewelry makers to have greater creativity. They often have catalogs to make it convenient for customers to order the supplies. There are numerous different online stores, you can compare the price and quality, and then choose the best one to buy from. It is worth to mention that many stores offer free shipping, which can help you to save more money.


There is no doubt that jewelry maker benefit a lot from wholesale jewelry making supplies, but people still need be very careful. Online shopping brings us great convenience, at the same time, many questions. People should know the fact that many businessman sell counterfeit and shoddy products by offering an attractive price. I suggest people buy jewelry suppliers from some reputable stores.

Charm European beads

Implied Meaning of Crystal Beads

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Jewelry Findings Help to Create Perfect Jewelry Designs

In the past, it was a common way to get jewelry pieces from local stores. But today, people are not satisfied with the manufactured pieces in the market any longer. They are eager to get trendy and unique pieces to show their individuality. Then, jewelry making comes to meet such need.


These days, jewelry making becomes increasing popular in the fashion world. More and more people are fascinated by this interesting activity. They prefer to the handmade jewelry rather than the manufactured one. To create perfect jewelry designs, jewelry findings are needed.


It is not difficult to create jewelry pieces by hand. Jewelry making requires no professional technique that everyone can do it alone. Most people may very familiar with the loose beads which are the foundation of jewelry making. Meanwhile, jewelry findings are also of crucial importance for perfect jewelry designs.


In the market, charms, spacers, hooks, pins are several common types of jewelry findings. Usually, charms and spacers are used to separate the loose beads, and then make the jewelry pieces appear more stylish and unique. And the hooks are widely applied in designing long earrings. The hooks make it easier to wear earrings. Pins are often found in hair pins and pins brooches.


What’s more, clasps and chains are also important findings among all kinds of jewelry making supplies. If people are going to create jewelry by hand, they should be aware of the importance of clasps and chains. For example, clasps are designed to connect the different ends of a necklace or bracelet.


Jewelry findings are essential for wonderful jewelry designs. Jewelry designers and makers can purchase them both from online stores and offline shops. Usually, people prefer to online stores for the cheap price. Their great discounts and free shipping can cut down people’s expenditure.

How to Shop For Beads Suppliers Online

Making Jewelry is a Great Hobby

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Complete Jewelry Designs with Wholesale Crystal Glass Beads

Beaded jewelry now enjoys a great popularity throughout the world. Most people are fond of jewelry made of loose beads. Jewelry beads has a large selection, including European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, shell beads, crystal glass beads, lampwork glass beads, howlite turquoise beads, and many other kinds. People are attracted by these multiple choices.


Crystal glass beads are becoming increasingly popular because of their beautiful, economical, versatility and endless possibilities. Some people may compare crystal glass beads with real crystal beads. Though crystal glass beads are not precious as real crystal ones, they can also shine the beauty of wearers. Crystal glass beads are one of the most common and popular synthetic beads in the market.


These cheap beads are available in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. Besides the familiar shapes like daggers and drops, many unique shapes are offered at the same time. It is said that there are over 1000 shapes of crystal glass beads for people to choose from. Thus, people are able to compare carefully before make the final choice.


For jewelry designers and makers, besides the latest European charm beads and stylish gemstone beads, crystal glass beads are also smart choice to complete jewelry designs. They are both beautiful and economical. Meanwhile, they can be found in many online wholesale jewelry making supplies stores. Choose a reputable store to buy wholesale crystal glass beads.

Design a Necklace with Coral Beads

Why Choose Online Wholesale Jewelry Supplies?

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Purchase European Charm Beads at Cheap Price from Chinese Wholesaler

European Charm jewelry pieces – Common, individual, significant

Surely, European charm jewelry has been the NO.1 common style jewelry in 2011, among the most remarkable points is the fact that wearers now have right to pick out every parts of the jewelry pieces and then combine them without restraint.

People today can easily mix any kind of glass beads, gemstone beads and other loose beads in accordance with their personal tastes. Select your individual preferred patterns and styles, put together every one of the European charm beads you pick out one after the other, and them create your individual vibrant jewelry items.

And it is hot to select selection of colors and designs to match daily clothing. Some will find space relating to the beads to go forward the beaded jewelry, these jewelry beads can move considerably according to the physical structure motion, and appeal to folk’s views throughout any time.

What’s more, owing to the simple working procedure and greater suggested creating, this particular jewelry created by an individual is much more significant. Properly selected jewelry is actually a sign which finest symbolizes the psychological yourself, mindful contemplating around the sensation from it, genuinely obtain your personal jewelry items on your own private control. No matter if for yourself or just as gifts for your buddies all comes with a completely unique experience.

Over and above that, the various materials of European charm jewelry is another special point of it, every European charm jewelry pieces own its particular character, which definitely go beyond your expectation. As the saying goes, jewelry pieces could be attractive, formal, casual, easygoing, and significant and so on.

Various European beads Style Charms

Cheap European beads beads

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