Jewelry Brings So Much Fun to Women

Compared with men, women experience a lot of fun, especially young girls. It is fun to wear beautiful dress and high-heeled shoes to show the fine body shape. It is interesting to appear difference with the eye shadow and nail art. Besides, the fashion jewelry also brings a lot of fun to women. Adding beautiful and gorgeous jewelry pieces can enhance women’s personal style in an amazing way.


When you take a look into the market, it is easy to meet a large collection of fashion jewelries, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings, and so on. As long as you keep a watchful eye on them, you will certainly discover a lot of fun. For example, there are many interesting facts about jewelry pieces made of cheap beads.


Gemstone Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is made of gemstone beads, which come in a large variety of materials, such as, azurite, peridot, obsidian, garnet, lapis lazuli, amethyst, quartz, goldstone, fluorite, and so on. These fine minerals and stones easily attract many people’s attention. However, the most interesting part of gemstone beads lies on its relation with people’s birthday and constellation. For example, the amethyst is the guardian stone of Aries, while the peridot is the birthday stone for people who born in August.

Tibetan Silver Jewelry

Tibetan silver, one kind of materials similar to sterling silver, has been widely used in jewelry making. They can be used as jewelry beads to design necklaces or bracelets, or applied as spacer beads to work together with other beads. Well, its unique designs bring a lot fun for women. In the market, we can find Tibetan silver beads come in many fancy styles, such as, London bus, chef’s hat, gear wheel, smile face, and different kinds of animals like golden fish, owl, snake, etc.

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Things You Have to Consider While Preparing the Jewelry Making Supplies

It is very interesting to create one’s own jewelry pieces. More and more people now participate in this hot trend. Jewelry making is quite easy which requires no professional technique. However, there are some things need to consider with regard to perfect designs.

If people are planning to make jewelry pieces by hand, they should make sure enough imagination and creation, as well as enough materials. Various kinds of materials are involved in jewelry designs, including beads, cord, thread, wire, clasps, findings and tools.


Beads are foundation of all jewelry making projects. They are essential part of perfect designs. Numerous beads are available in the market, such as, European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, shell beads, coral beads, crystal glass beads, lampwork glass beads, howlite turquoise beads, Tibetan silver beads, etc. With so many choices, it is important to choose the suitable one for your desired jewelry pieces.

As well as beads, other jewelry supplies are important for jewelry making. Cord, thread, wire are used to string the loose beads together. Different beads need different stringing skills. For example, European charm beads require wire for their big holes. Clasps are designed to connect the different ends of a piece of jewelry together. They come in various designs, including magnetic clasps, box clasps, toggle clasps, hook clasps, lobster clasps, strand clasps, etc. It is better to choose the one that can match the designs very well.

Charms, spacers, hooks, and pins are common jewelry findings in the market. Different findings are used to different purposes. For example, hooks are mainly used to make earrings, while pins are usually linked with pins brooches or hair pins.

In a word, it is necessary to make full preparation of jewelry making supplies. You should be careful while choosing them. Remember to get what you need and choose the best.

How to Shop For Beads Suppliers Online

Why Choose Online Wholesale Jewelry Supplies?


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Get Lampwork Glass Beads to Create Fashion Accessories

At present, multiple beads are available in the market, such as, European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, shell beads, crystal glass beads, howlite turquoise beads, and so on. With so many choices, sometimes, you don’t have a good idea of the perfect beads for your jewelry making project.


In fact, it is not difficult to make a decision. If you are careful enough, you will find that many fancy loose beads can be used to create stylish fashion accessories. For example, lampwork glass beads. They are not new for people. For centuries, they have been applied in designing jewelry pieces. Accessories made of lampwork glass beads are beautiful enough to highlight the wearers.

Though lampwork glass beads are mainly used to design necklaces, they are also applied to make other fashion items, like earrings, bracelets and rings. For example, some people are willing to create gorgeous bracelets with lampwork glass beads. These fancy and colorful beads can add sparkle to one’s overall look.


Once you have made the decision of lampwork glass beads, you need consider where to get them. Usually, online wholesale lampwork glass beads are good choices. Now, many online stores offer cheap but good quality beads. You can choose a reputable one to buy what you need.

Apart from cheap beads, you need prepare many other items to complete jewelry pieces. Cord, thread, and wire are used to string the loose beads together. Foe necklaces and bracelets, jewelry clasps are needed. When come to earrings, hooks are required. Some people may want to design a brooch, then, they need get some pins. Keep in mind to prepare enough jewelry supplies for designing fashion accessories.


Be Careful of Buying Wholesale Beads

Buy Wholesale Gemstone Beads from One Online Store

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Online Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making

Jewelry making has become a common way for people to get various kinds of fashion jewelry. These days, it is costly and troublesome to buy jewelry from the local stores. Sometimes, even you spend a lot of time and energy to search from shop to shop. You may still not get a satisfying result. Then, jewelry making will help you solve this problem. You can choose to make your own jewelry by yourself.


Nowadays, it is a fashion trend to have handmade jewelry. It is regarded as an efficient way to get your perfect fashion jewelry. Because you can participate in the whole process to get the finished items, thus, you will be able to choose everything according to your favorite. If you decide to make your own exclusive jewelry, you need prepare enough jewelry making supplies, particular beads.


At present, you needn’t travel around the city to find various beads. Beads are not only available in specialized stores any longer. Many online stores offer you large collection of wholesale beads. You can find your entire need online, including different kinds of beads and other jewelry making supplies like cord, clasps, and findings. Now I want to introduce several kinds of traditional beads that you can find easily online.


The first one is glass beads. Glass beads are one of the most common kinds of beads. The use of glass beads in jewelry can date back to ancient times. Since the Roman ages, people already used glass beads to adorn themselves. Until today, glass beads still gain a large popularity among people. Besides, they come in a larger variety of colors, sizes and shapes.


The second one is shell beads. Just like glass beads, shell beads also have a long history which can trace back to 100,000 years ago. Shell beads are very suitable for people during summer, especially for those spend their holiday along seaside. Then, copper beads are also one of the oldest beads. We can define it into metal beads. Usually, the copper beads can give an impression of historical sense. If you want to make a classic look, you can choose it to make a pendant or bracelet.


Be Careful of Buying Wholesale Beads

Buy Wholesale Gemstone Beads from One Online Store

Different Intriguing Jewelry Made by Wholesale Beads

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Give Crystal Heart Pendant to Say Love

Special gift on special occasions can greatly improve a relationship. Now, it is time to welcome the most romantic holiday of this year, Valentine’s Day. And, you have to realize, every girl wants to fell special on this special season. Then, if you want to win a girl’s heart, you should never miss such wonderful opportunity. Speak out your love and care by giving a romantic gift.

Valentine’s Jewelry Gifts
Well, on Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of great ideas for the romantic Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend. But, if you want to send her something special for this holiday, just think about some sentimental gifts that really tell her how much you love her. Flowers and chocolates are traditional gifts that accepted by girls. However, you will also win a girl’s heart by giving her jewelry. A handicraft piece would be more perfect.

Crystal Heart Pendant
At present, many businessmen size this great chance, and offer large varieties of Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts for lovers. With so many heart love jewelry available, some men may not sure about the perfect choice. Why not think about a crystal heart pendant? Well, such piece of heart love jewelry really makes an enchanting gift. You will surely please your girl by giving it.

Symbolic Meaning of Heart
It is quick to purchase a piece of jewelry gift. But, hunting for an impressive one never seems an easy work. Still searching for the meaningful jewelry gift? A pendant made of heart crystal glass would be a nice idea. For a long time, the heart has been regarded as a symbol of love. Many people hold opinion that wearing a piece can best express the wonderful love sentiment.

Heart Crystal Selection
Looking into the market, we will find large varieties of crystal glass in different sizes and colors, so does heart crystal. Well, for the sizes, you can choose from petite to large, and her preferred size would be better. For Valentine’s Day gift, crystal in colors of basis red or iridescent pink can be perfect. Besides, I suggest you think about faceted heart crystal glass bead, for the faceted crystal can reflect light in a beautiful way, and attract the eyes easily.

Make a Crystal Heart Pendant for Her

Shop for Inexpensive Valentine Jewelry Gifts


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Making Your Own Beaded Earrings

Rewarding and stress-relieving…it is really fun to make your own beaded earrings. If you find nothing to do and nowhere to go during weekends, you can think about creating a piece of earrings with beads, like gemstone beads, at home. No professional techniques, just some beads, wires, and other findings, you are able to finish wonderful designs.

Here are some basic steps for making simple beaded jewelry. Follow it to get you started.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Large Beads
  • Medium Beads
  • Long Flathead Pins or Eye Pins
  • Earring Hooks
  • Cutting Pliers or Wire Cutters
  • Round-nose Pliers
  • Chain-nose Pliers

Well, you’d better make sure the long flathead pins or eye pins have small loop on one end. For the beads, you can choose any type you like, such as, crystal beads, glass beads, pearls beads, etc. But, you should make sure the beads for each earring in the pair match.

Basic Steps You Can’t Miss:

  1. Thread onto the long flathead pin or eye pin one large bead and one medium bead. And you should have the large bead at the bottom and the medium bead at the top.
  2. Trim off a half inch of the long flathead pin or eye pin by using the jewelry cutting pilers or wire cutters.
  3. Bend the exposed length of pin gently using the round-nose pilers, and make it above the medium bead.
  4. Continue bending the exposed pin to create a loop and leave a small opening. Then, thread the earring hook onto the opening, and close the loop opening with the chain-nose pilers.
  5. Repeat the above five steps to make another beaded earring, and then you will finish a pair of beaded earrings.

In general, it is quite easy to create your own beaded earrings which require no professional skills. Making your own beaded earrings can be a good choice to kill a boring weekend. And you can wear the handmade pieces yourself or send them to your families and friends. I am sure your families and friends will appreciate your small handmade gifts.

Stunning Earrings Help You Catch the Spotlight

Rhinestone Earrings: Economical Way to Appear Beautiful


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Buy a Pair of Sterling Silver Earrings for Your Beauty

A pair of sterling silver earrings can be worn for different outfits and different occasions. You can add it to your casual T-shirt. At the same time, it is a good choice to match your formal dress with 925 sterling silver earring. There is no doubt that sterling silver earring can work well with almost all kinds of clothing.

On some formal occasions, such as, celebrations and anniversaries, if you want to appear beautiful and graceful at the same time, sterling silver earrings are definitely the best option. Apparently, the classic sterling silver earrings will greatly enhance your elegant look. If you want to leave a good impression on others, you really need a pair of sterling silver earrings to enhance your intellectuality beauty.

Well, sterling silver earrings are really affordable pieces for people. Looking into the market, we can easily find that the prices of sterling silver earrings are much lower than gold or platinum earrings. So, for people who have tight budget, sterling silver earrings are really great alternative for precious gold or platinum. The cheap jewelry will also add great sparkle to the wearer.

What’s more, there is a large variety of sterling silver available in the market. They come in many different designs and styles. So, it is necessary to make your choice on the basis of your personality and personal style. If you still can’t make your decision with so many choices, you can view some fashion magazines or websites to get inspiration.

In general, in order to complete your fashion style, you should never miss the sterling silver earrings. At present, you can purchase exquisite sterling silver earrings from both online stores and offline stores. Well, if you want to save your money, online jewelry stores would be better than local jewelry stores.

Stunning Earrings Help You Catch the Spotlight

Rhinestone Earrings – An Economical Way to Appear Beautiful


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Appear both Beautiful and Elegant with Simple Jade Bracelets

Usually, young girls are willing to choose unique jewelry to make a difference from others, while middle-aged women prefer to classic pieces to achieve graceful look. Nowadays, we can easily get a large selection of unique jewelry, as well as classic ones, for example, the jade bracelets.

For women who want to appear more elegant, jade bracelets can be perfect choice. We all know that jade is one of the oldest materials for jewelry making. It has been applied in jewelry designs for a long time. Since the ancient times, people begin to create jewelry pieces with jade.


Jade beads are suitable for designing all kinds of fashion accessories, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and even some hair jewelries. Now, jade beads are widely used in create bracelets. Jade bracelets are beautiful, simple, classic and elegant. More and more women are willing to wear them.

In the market, green is the most common and popular color of jade bracelets. The green color makes the jade bracelets appear elegant, at the same time, pure. Besides, jade beads also come in other pure colors like yellow and pink. And these jade beads are found in various shapes, such as, oval, flat round, rectangle, teardrop, etc.


Cords are usually used to string the jade beads. While buying the jade bracelets, we can easily notice that the cords are available in various colors. In fact, all kinds of colors can do well with jade bracelets. But it is better to choose the color on the basis of one’s skin tone.

Today, more and more women, especially middle-aged women, are longing for intellectual beauty. They are looking for classic jewelry pieces to achieve elegant appearance. Jade bracelets can not be missed. If you are looking for simple and cheap jade bracelets, you should consider online jewelry wholesale stores.


Choose Jade Beads to Achieve Elegant Look

Jade Beads – Colorful and Lovely Beads for Jewelry Designs

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Brooches: Necessary for Many Occasions

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets are items of daily use for you. But you might not wear brooch everyday. Well, it doesn’t mean that you need not prepare it in your wardrobe. As a matter of fact, brooches are necessary for many occasions, such as, dinner party, wedding ceremony, anniversary, and other important occasions.


If you have received the invitation of a dinner party or anniversary, you will prepare a lot of things, including the dress, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry etc. When it comes to the jewelry, you should not ignore the brooch. Adding exquisite brooches can greatly enhance your overall beauty. Here are two kinds of brooches; you can take them as reference.


Rhinestone brooches – the popular trend in the market

Rhinestone brooches are really beautiful and brilliant. Its bright colors and exquisite designs easily attract many people’s attention. If you are going to attend a dinner party, it would be great idea to add a rhinestone brooch to your evening dress. The dazzling rhinestone will help you catch the spotlight.

Jade Brooches – the classic pieces for elegant look

For many formal occasions, such as, the company anniversary celebration, it is necessary to make an elegant look. For businesswomen, they would choose exquisite suits to appear more capable and experienced. Well, adding jade brooch can enhance one’s overall look in a decent way.

Which kind of brooch you need, a rhinestone brooch or a jade brooch? Now, the two kinds of brooches are available at – a large online jewelry wholesaler from China. Here, you will expect great designs and cheap prices. Moreover, you can find many other fashion accessories, such as, earrings, necklace, pendants, bracelets, etc. You can buy pieces with less spending to complete your personal style.

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Making Unique Necklaces with Gemstone Beads

Would you like to create exclusive jewelry pieces by hand? If Yes, I want to share some useful information with you. If you are eager to get unique jewelry pieces, I strongly suggest you consider gemstone necklaces.


After you make the decision to create gemstone necklaces for yourself and friends, you need to make a full preparation of jewelry making supplies. For designing perfect gemstone necklaces, gemstone beads, cord or thread, clasps, and jewelry findings are needed.

When it comes to the choice of gemstone beads, it is not easy to make the final decision. We all know that gemstone beads are well known for its multiple materials, including azurite, peridot, labradorite, goldstone, amazonite, tiger eye, aventurine, opal opalite, garnet, etc. With so many choices, people may not sure what the perfect one for making pendants. In fact, people can choose any one that appeal to them, for all these fine minerals and stones are suitable to create wonderful pendants.


Then, it is important to choose the right stringing styles for your desired jewelry pieces. If the beads you choose have small holes, it is better to string them with thread or wire, while the big holes require cord.

For perfect gemstone pendants, there is another important aspect that people can’t ignore. That’s jewelry clasps. Adding clasps to the jewelry designs can make the pieces appear more beautiful and charming. In the market, jewelry clasps are available in different styles, such as, magnetic clasps, lobster clasps, hook clasps, and toggle clasps etc. Be careful to choose the most suitable one.

At last, people can add some findings to their jewelry making, such as, spacers, or charms. They can add great glamour to the handmade pieces.

Suggestions to Store Your Necklaces

Choose Right Necklace for Your Important Moment

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