Create Lampwork Bracelet for This Spring

Beautiful spring is already here, and it is time to update your wardrobe, not only clothing, but also jewelry. Well, shop-bought jewelry may be costly. If you are in a tight budget, creating your own jewelry at home would be nice choice. Here is a great jewelry making project for this spring. You can choose sky blue lampwork glass beads to make a bracelet that reflects your personality and suits this season.

Needed Jewelry Supplies for This Project:
Beading Supplies: sky blue lampwork glass beads; blue crystal glass beads
Stringing Supplies: 19 strand beading wire
Finding Supplies: toggle clasp; 2 jump rings; spacer beads; crimp beads; 2 calottes
Tools and Equipments: crimping pliers; chain nose pliers; wire or side cutters

Basic Steps for Making Lampwork Bracelet:
1. Cut off a piece of beading wire and string the crimp beads onto the end of the wire. String the calotte onto the wire and close it with the chain nose pliers.

2. Use the chain nose pliers to open the loop of calotte and attach a jump ring. Then insert the bar of the toggle clasp and close the jump ring.

3. String the lampwork glass beads and crystal glass beads, as well as spacer beads. And then attach the rest of toggle clasp at the end of the bracelet.

4. Cut the excess wire and close the calotte with the chain nose pliers. Insert the other jump ring to the loop of the calotte. Finally, insert the ring of toggle clasp to the jump ring.

Some Basics of Making Beaded Bracelets

Choosing the Suitable Bracelet for Your Personal Style


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Jewelry Clasps: Essentail Supplies for Jewelry Making

Admittedly, jewelry making is t he newest trend in the fashion world. People are attracted by the amazing handmade jewelry pieces. Thus, most of them follow this hot trend to create their unique jewelry. In the street, it is very easy to meet people with fancy handmade pieces.


It is quite easy to complete a piece of jewelry by hand. With enough materials and imagination, anyone can design a perfect piece. Generally, beads, cord or thread, clasps, and findings are essential jewelry making supplies.

There are different items that people can choose to make, such as, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings and hair accessories etc. With so many choices, necklaces and bracelets are the most preferred types among people. If one is planning to create a necklace or a bracelet, jewelry clasps are needed.


Jewelry clasps can do great help to complete necklaces and bracelets. They are designed to connect the different ends of a necklace or bracelet together. In the market, we can easily get a large collection of clasps. They are available in various colors, shapes, designs and styles. For example, we can get magnetic clasps, box clasps, strand clasps, lobster clasps, toggle clasps, and hook clasps for our jewelry designs.

The clasps not only make contribution to design perfect jewelries, but also make it easier for people to wear jewelries. So, if you are preparing jewelry supplies, you should pay enough attention to various clasps, as well as loose beads.


Cheap Beads Create Wonderful Jewelry Designs

Buy Wholesale Gemstone Beads from One Online Store

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Cheap Jewelry for Women’s Beauty in a Dinner Party

Every woman wants to show her beautiful side in a dinner party. Everything from her dress to her jewelry is well prepared. So, enough attention should be given to the selection of jewelry pieces. In order to cut down the expenditure, the jewelry should not be very expensive. If a woman is going to attend a dinner party, then she can take cheap jewelry into consideration.


Nowadays, cheap jewelry is well designed, which can achieve the same effects as precious pieces. While looking into the fashion world, we can find that cheap jewelry has aroused a hot trend today. More and more women are willing these cheap but stunning pieces. Cheap jewelry comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, patterns, designs and styles. Women will definitely find the suitable pieces for the dinner party.


Earrings: earrings are usually used to complement one’s face shape. Suitable earrings will make one’s face appear more attractive. Now, rhinestone earrings and crystal glass earrings are two popular kinds of cheap earrings in the market. Their brilliant luster and exquisite designs attract can shine women’s beauty in the dinner party.


Necklaces: necklaces are always selected on the basis of the necklines of the evening dresses. A piece of gorgeous necklace will make one’s dress look great. Cheap necklaces are available in various materials, among the multiple choices, amethyst necklaces, quartz necklaces, and crystal glass necklaces are often found in dinner parties.


Bracelets: a bracelet can strongly accentuate the beauty of one’s delicate wrist. Meanwhile, beautiful bracelets can make the dress look great. If you are planning to be the party queen of the dinner party, a bracelet can not be missed. Usually, cheap pieces like crystal glass bracelets are perfect for a dinner party.


In order to catch the spotlight in a dinner party, wonderful jewelry pieces are really important for women. If you are in tight budget, discount jewelry can do great help to your beauty.

Get Cheap Earrings to Complete Your Beautiful Appearance

Choose Right Necklace for Your Important Moment

Brilliant Bracelets Make You Standing Out In the Dinner Party

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Abalone Shell Rings, Also Brilliant in a Dinner Party

If you are going to attend a dinner party, but you can not afford an expensive diamond ring, abalone shell rings can be good news for you. Since the high price of diamond rings, many women now are searching for substitute. Then, abalone shell rings can be great option.


Abalone shell rings are simply made of abalone shells, which are special shells from the ocean. Though they are not valuable as diamond, abalone shell rings are brilliant enough to shine the wearers. In a word, abalone shell rings can achieve the same effects in a dinner party. However, they are much cheaper than diamond ones.


While preparing for a dinner party, every woman wants to appear more beautiful and charming. In order to catch the spotlight, a perfect look is needed. Thus, a woman should not ignore any detail. Generally, fashion jewelry is essential for one’s overall beauty. And rings are important parts among various kinds of jewelry. An abalone shell ring can be perfect for a dinner party. It can add sparkle to the wearer, meanwhile, help to cut down the expenditure.


These days, more and more fashionable women are aware of the beautiful and brilliant of abalone shell rings. They are willing to choose them to complete their overall beauty. While purchasing the abalone shell rings, we can notice that they are designed in various shapes, such as, round, oval, square, flower, rectangle, etc. Then, women should make the choice on the basis of their hands.


Choose the Best Ring for Your Wedding Ceremony

Comfortable Ring to Represent Your Integrated Love

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Gorgeous Hoop Earrings to Suit Every Fashion Sense

Stunning hoop earrings are designed to suit the fashion needs of every woman. From small hoops designed to draw subtle attention to your face to large, oversized hoops that will make an absolutely fantastic statement alongside an elegant gown, we have everything you need to create the look you want. Our hoop earrings come in yellow and rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver, and you will find that what we offer is more than that.

No matter your age, weight, height, or ensemble, we have the ideal hoop earrings for you. Regardless of whether you are seeking a pair of tiny 40mm hoops or are looking for earrings that top out at around three inches, you will find that we have the ideal pair for your needs. We have the perfect sizes for every person and every outfit and we know that we offer the right earrings for your needs.

Sterling silver is actually a favored look among many, and its luster and shine have a gorgeous look that can provide the perfect complement to any outfit.Sterling silver hoop earrings are designed to offer lasting beauty, and you will find that many are accompanied by gorgeous stones.For those seeking earrings with a bit more pizzazz, you will find that there are also offer hundreds of pairs of gold hoop earrings. Gold selection is certainly diverse, and thereare not just traditional yellow gold, but white gold. combine an array of fantastic stones to help you create the exact look you are hoping to achieve.

Closure Options
When it comes to hoop earrings, everyone has a different preference for the closure. Some people prefer an earring that can close inside itself, creating the look of a complete circle from any angle. Others, however, prefer hoop earrings with traditional backs. There are so many options available!

Your face will look absolutely stunning when it is perfectly framed by a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings.When you want the perfect hoop earrings, you never have to look any farther than Ayliss.

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Common Findings for Handcraft Jewelry

These days, jewelry making becomes increasing popular all over the world. More and more people now are aware of its amazing effects, and willing to create handmade jewelry. As a matter of fact, everyone is able to complete perfect designs with essential jewelry supplies.

It is quite easy and interesting to create a piece of necklace or bracelet at home. On one hand, you can give full play to your endless imagination and creativity. On the other hand, you can get unique jewelry to express your personality. However, it is important to prepare enough materials. When it comes to the jewelry making, you should pay enough attention to the loose beads. Besides, many other materials are also important, for example, jewelry findings. Today, I would like to introduce four popular findings for jewelry making.

Clasps: In the jewelry world, clasps are available in a wide variety of designs, such as, magnetic, box, lobster, hook, strand, toggle, etc. Generally, a clasp is designed to connect the different ends of a piece of jewelry together. It has been widely applied to create necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

Chains: In the market, chains are usually made of sterling silver, silver plated materials, and gold plated materials etc. Chains are favored by many jewelry makers for their simple but classic designs. They have been used to design various kinds of fashion accessories, for example, chain bracelets.

Charms: They are mainly made of Tibetan silver. Tibetan silver makes charms appear primitive and classic. Meanwhile, they are well designed and available in many fancy styles, such as, Latin cross, butterfly, deer head, dragon, eagle, skull, leaf, and so on. Adding these wonderful charms can make your handmade necklaces or bracelets appear more beautiful and attractive.

Spacers: If you are going to create a piece of jewelry with loose beads, it would be great to add some spacers. There is a large variety of spacers available in the market. They come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. You’d better make the choice on the basis of jewelry beads. Besides, some loose beads have been often used as spacers, such as, crystal glass beads and Tibetan silver beads.

Generally, clasps, chains, charms, and spacers are four popular findings in the market. Besides, we can find many other kinds, such as, hooks, pins, etc. Are you planning to create jewelry yourself? If yes, you should not ignore findings. If applied well, they can add great glamour to your designs.

All about Jewelry Findings

Supplies Can’t Be Missed in Jewelry Making


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Crystal Glass Bracelets for Your Beauty

These days, more and more people tend to appear more beautiful and attractive with fashion accessories. Wonderful pieces can bring amazing effects to one’s outfit. No wonder that they enjoy great popularity all over the world. Today, I’d like to share a stunning piece with you – crystal glass bracelets.

One of the most wonderful ways for women’s beauty is the crystal glass bracelets. Looking into the market, it is very easy to meet a large selection of fashion jewelry in many different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, designs and styles. Well, if one is planning to achieve a stunning style, I suggest crystal glass bracelets.

Why? Some people may feel puzzled about this choice. There are several reasons for it. Compared with other fashion accessories, crystal glass bracelets have many advantages. Fist of all, crystal glass bracelets are dazzling enough, which can add great sparkle to the wearer. Then, crystal glass is really one kind of artificial material, which is sold at lower price. Choosing crystal glass bracelets can save you a lot of money.

Thirdly, crystal glass bracelets are available in many bright colors and fancy deigns. For example, blue, pink, white, purple, green, and purple are some common colors. These brilliant colors make crystal glass bracelets attract people’s attention easily. What’s more, crystal glass beads can work together with other loose beads very well. In the market, we can find different kinds of beads have been added into crystal glass bracelets, for example, shell beads, Tibetan silver beads, etc.


In a word, crystal glass bracelets are really wonderful pieces for women’s beauty. At present, both local stores and online stores offer these wonderful pieces. If you are planning to apply a piece to your outfit, I suggest you buy from online jewelry stores. From them, you will enjoy lower prices and good designs. Or you can choose to create a piece by hand. It is also a great idea to save money.

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Jewelry Pieces Can Perfect One’s look for Formal Occasions

To achieve a perfect look for some formal occasions, one should not forget to add some wonderful jewelry pieces to match the dresses. Without the adornments of exquisite jewelry pieces, one will not be able to complete a perfect appearance. After all, jewelry is essential to one’s beauty, as well as dress and makeup.

Generally speaking, the style of jewelry for formal occasions is better to be kept classic and elegant. Some exaggerated pieces are not suitable for formal occasions at all, although some fashionable people show great interest in them. For example, body jewelry like nose rings or eyebrow rings are never expected in formal occasions.


We all know that there is large variety of fashion jewelries available in the market. While preparing for a beautiful look, one will definitely meet a lot of choices. Then, it is necessary to choose the suitable color, material, design and style. Usually, some classic pieces are perfect for formal occasions, such as, pearl necklaces.


What’s more, one should keep in mind that never wears too many pieces at the same time in formal occasions. It is better to wear a simple necklace or a bracelet. Adding an excess of jewelry pieces to the outfit may leave a bad impression on others.

In a formal occasion, one will definitely want to achieve classic and elegant look. Besides the dress, the jewelry can also enhance one’s perfect look in a wonderful way.

Suggestions to Store Your Necklaces

Choose Right Necklace for Your Important Moment

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How to Cut Down Expenditure While Preparing Jewelry Supplies?

It is quite interesting to make a piece of jewelry by hand. People are involved the whole process of completing it, thus, the final piece can express their feelings and personality. Now, more and more people start to design their exclusive jewelry. Then, it is necessary to get jewelry making supplies with less spending.


Experienced jewelry designers and makers have different efficient ways to cut down expenditure. While for many beginners, they will feel confused about how to get cheap but high quality jewelry supplies. The following are some tips for their reference.


First of all, no matter which kind of jewelry you want make, you need prepare loose beads which is the foundation of jewelry making. In the market, beads come in a large variety, including European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, shell beads, crystal beads, etc. What’s more, they are also available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. So, it is very important to make clear what you need. Or you will be dazzled by the multiple choices, and buy some beads unnecessary.


Then, you should know all what you need for perfect jewelry designs. Besides cheap beads, many other kinds of materials are included in jewelry making, like cord, thread, wire, clasps, chains, and jewelry findings like spacers or charms. Then, you should better have a brief conception about what you need for your desired jewelry pieces. For example, cord, thread, and wire are suitable for different kinds of beads.


At last, it is very important to find a good place to buy what you need. Nowadays, jewelry supplies are offered by both local stores and online wholesalers. If you are planning to cut down your expenditure, it is better to choose online wholesale jewelry supplies stores. Usually, they offer lower prices than local stores.

Agate Beads, Elegant Beads for Jewelry Making

Cheap Beads Create Wonderful Jewelry Designs

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Cheap Beads Create Wonderful Jewelry Designs

Cheap beads are essential elements for jewelry making. These beads are mainly made of synthetic materials. Though they are not valuable as precious gold or diamond, they still bring many amazing effects to people. Care, love, courage, strength, and many other feelings or powers are related with them.


They come in a large selection, including European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, shell beads, coral beads, crystal glass beads, lampwork glass beads, agate beads, howlite turquoise beads, hematite beads, jade beads, jasper beads, and Tibetan silver beads etc. All these loose beads are well designed and widely used in all aspects, especially jewelry making.


Besides the multiple materials, cheap beads are also available in various colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, designs and styles. They are one of the basic components of jewelry designs. And gain great popular among people due to their lower price and beautiful appearances. For jewelry designers or makers, they are amazing items to complete wonderful jewelry designs.


If you are planning to create your own jewelry pieces, you’d better take cheap beads into consideration. They will help you save a lot while preparing all kinds of jewelry making supplies. If you can not get cheap beads from local retail stores, I suggest you consider online stores. At present, many online stores offer wholesale beads. In order to attract more customers and gain great profits, most of them provide great discounts and free shipping. These sales promotions will save people a lot of money.

Usually, people can meet vast choice and high quality of loose beads from online jewelry wholesalers. What’s more, these stores also sell other jewelry supplies, like cord, thread, wire, clasps, spacers, charms, chains, hooks, pins, etc. Generally, jewelry makers can get all what they need from online stores.

Design a Necklace with Coral Beads

Why Choose Online Wholesale Jewelry Supplies?

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