Create Your Own Jewelry with Coral Beads

Nowadays, more and more people follow the hot trend of jewelry, and start to create their own jewelry pieces by hand. Jewelry making is really a funny and rewarding process. However, some beginners may worry about what kind of beads is better. If you have no good idea about your jewelry making project, I suggest you consider coral beads.

Coral beads, one of the oldest beads for jewelry producing, are widely used in designing all kinds of fashion accessories, such as, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. While looking into the market, it is easy to get a large variety of coral beads in different colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. So, jewelry makers can choose their favorite one for jewelry making.


Red, pink, olive, blue are several common colors of coral beads, and the red ones are the most preferred one among people. Many women show great interest in jewelry pieces made of red coral beads. At the same time, as well as pearls beads or shell beads, coral beads come in various shapes, like round, oval, rice, button, rectangle, and teardrop etc.

People can complete jewelry designs only with coral beads. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to mix the coral beads with other loose beads together. For example, one can match coral beads with shell beads or crystal glass beads to create a necklace or a bracelet. Sometimes, jewelry makers are willing to add some special spacers or charms to coral beads.

Still searching for beads for your jewelry making? Why not consider coral beads? It is sure a good idea to create wonderful jewelry pieces with these impressive beads. Jewelry makers can buy them from local craft stores, or online beads stores. Well, most people would prefer to online stores for the great discounts and free shipping. After deciding to get coral beads for jewelry designs, one can find a reliable online supplier to buy what needed.


Coral Beads, the Latest Fashion Trend

Coral Beads, Natural Items to Create Stunning Necklaces

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Money-Saving Jewelry Gifts for Christmas

The Christmas is just around the corner. And it is high time to prepare special gifts to celebrate this important festival. In fact, many people now begin to prepare meaningful gifts for both families and friends. Do you have any good Christmas gift ideas? If not, here is a great idea for your reference – cheap jewelry.

Are you wondering if the cheap jewelry is really good gift ideas for Christmas? The answer is “Yes, of course”. In fact, many cheap jewelry pieces can present as perfect Christmas gifts for families and friends. Though cheap jewelry, also named as costume jewelry, is sold at lower prices, they are all well designed. If you pay enough attention to the selection, you will surely please your families and friends with cheap jewelry.

Well, while preparing the Christmas, people should not only pay attention to the choice, but also the price. For people who has limited budget, it is necessary to think about money saving. Here, I would like to share two ways to get money-saving jewelry gifts for Christmas.

Online jewelryBuying discount jewelry from online stores is really a great way to cut down expenditure. Compared with local jewelry stores, online stores always provide customers with wholesale prices and great discounts, which can save customers a lot of money. What’s more, there is a large assortment of jewelry for people to select from. So, if you choose online stores, you will definite get perfect gifts with less spending.

Handmade jewelry – Creating jewelry gifts by hands is also an efficient way to save money. At present, jewelry making is very popular among people around the world. It allows people to come out personalized jewelry with less money. Well, these handmade jewelry pieces are beautiful, exclusive, attractive, and inexpensive, which can present as perfect Christmas gifts. And families and friends will surely be touched by these meaningful gifts.

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Find the Meaningful Gifts – Handmade Jewelry


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Protection for Your Nails for Nail Art

Purple Bubbles Holographic Nail ArtThese days, nail art has become a popular trend in the fashion world. Faddists not only use exaggerated makeup to make them standing out, but also lay emphasis to some small details. Nails are one place which arouses people’s attention and interesting. They begin to use colorful nail polish to highlight their finger, and then complement their whole beauty and charm.

Nail art is certainly an extension for people’s beauty. Many people are fond of it, and you can notice many nail art salon appear in the market. Nails are very easy to damage and cause fungal infections, as the same as your face, they also need good protection. If you want to keep your nails glowing and shinning, it is important to take proper nail care.


Many people may think that nail care is a fussy and tedious process, or some others hold the opinion that nail care products are enough for health nails. Absolutely, these are wrong conceptions. In fact, it is very simple and easy to take proper care of your nails. Only keep some small tips in mind, you will be able to get good protection for your nails.

Remember to wear rubber gloves while doing work. Nails are very fragile which can easily to damage. You should avoid doing household chores with bare hands. Because it is common to use solvent or cleaners in household works, which is bad for the nails. Moreover, gloves can prevent dust and dirt entering the nail. Thus, it is possible to prevent the production of bacteria and infection.


It is also necessary to keep your nails dry and clean after bathing. Dry and clean nails can prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. Meanwhile, nails should be trimmed and filed regularly. Or you nails may grow to improper shape which will go against the protection.

What’s more, you should have the conception that nails also need moisturizer. Just like your skins, moisturize the nails frequently can keep its smoothness and softness. Then, you will be able to have more perfect nail art to add your beauty.



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Craft Idea: DIY Tiger Eye Jewelry

DIY items are favored by many people, both young and old. More and more people are willing to create items by hands, for example, DIY jewelry. When it comes to jewelry making, it is important to note, the choice of cheap beads. Well, there are many varieties of loose beads available in the market. Then, it is not an easy task to make the final decision.

There is no doubt that some jewelry makers, especially beginners, will not sure what the perfect beads is. Don’t worry. Why not consider tiger eye gemstone beads? These beautiful, mystical, and versatile beads would be great choice for designing jewelry pieces. Here, I would like to share some interesting facts about tiger eye gemstones.

Introduction: Tiger eye is a special kind of gemstone beads for jewelry making, which are favored by many jewelry makers. In the market, tiger eye beads are available in many different colors, range from yellow to brown. Therefore, the tiger eye jewelry can leave others’ impression of classic and decent.

Property: The healing properties contribute a lot to tiger eye’s great popularity. Well, the spiritual value of tiger eye is closely linked with its name. In many cultures and religions, people believe that tiger eye can promote their clear-eyed vision. It is said that tiger eye jewelry can help people see the world more perceptively.

Application: Tiger eye beads have been widely used by jewelry makers. These charming beads can work well with various kinds of jewelry types, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings, etc.

Availability: Tiger eye beads are widely available. At present, jewelry makers can purchase tiger eye beads from local craft stores, as well as online wholesale beads stores. For people who have tight budget, online beads stores would be better choice. Their wholesale prices will save jewelry makers a lot of money.

Sparkling Beads Make You Standing Out

Shimmering Beads for Handmade Jewelry


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Czech Crystal European Beads – The Lastest Trend for Jewelry Making

Now in the current market, there is one kind of European beads that attracted many people’s sight. That’s Czech Crystal beads which originated from Czech, Italy and other European countries. Its inspiration is mainly from the Bohemia style, which is also the mainstream in 2012. This kind of design can give an impression of unprecedented romantic and freedom. The strong color and intricate design can bring others a strongl visual impact.

Being fashion in design, the Czech crystal European beads are defined as one kind of European top-grade handmade beads. They not only contain the superb skills of craftsmen, but also show people’s comprehension of nature, and even represent the deep national culture of ancient countries. Any jewelry pieces like pendant, necklace or earrings will appear noble and elegance.

Today, people are familiar with this kind of beads gradually. Because the different ways of creation. The beads of China and Western countries exhibit the different design styles. In China, the Czech crystal European beads inherit the ancient workmanship, and show a magnificent beauty. While in western countries, particularly in Czech and Italy, their beads usually give a bold and unrestrained beauty.

Now people can buy these beads both from online and offline stores. For people who want to get cheap but high quality, online stores will be a smart choice. There are thousands of online stores offer customers various kinds of jewelry pieces. For instance,, a large online jewelry wholesaler in China, can offer customers various kinds of Czech crystal European beads . From them, customers will enjoy good quality as well as great discounts.

Read more:

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Jewelry Gifts Making Tips on Mother’s Day

Hey, Mother’s Day is coming around, have you ever thought the fine gifts for your beloved mother? Are you feel puzzled about what gift can embody your deeply love and profound gratitude to your dear mother? If yes,why not make gifts by yourself? And if you make the decision to do this, there are some jewelry making ideas you should not miss. Since jewelry making is really an efficient way to get personalized jewelry with less cost, it is very popular among people and favored by many jewelry fans, especially making jewelry gift for mother may be more meaningful. However, creating the first piece of handmade jewelry with beads can be an awesome task. Don’t worry now.
Making a list of materials
Well, the best step you need to start is write a list of materials. Namely you should make clear what you need to making jewelry. Generally speaking, there are three things you need basically, they are loose beads, jewelry findings and jewelry wire.
Purchasing the materials
Finding the good place to buy materials plays a vital role in making jewelry gifts. At the information age, with the innovation of science and technology, makers are no longer limited to the entity shops. Nowadays, jewelry makers can not only buy jewelry making supplies offline, but also online like wholesale beads online.
Here, designing means what you want to make, for example, earrings, necklaces, braceletsor rings and so on. In addition, designing refers to what style you like to choose. In the worst case that you have on ideas about to make jewelry, you can resort to some jewelry making magazines or online websites. Another wayis to ask your mother impliedly what she likes most or what she need most.
Mother’s love is too altruistic for us to pay back. What we can do is to show our ardent thankness and express gratitude. So please outpour your love by words, pratise it by your handmade jewelry gifts!

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Style Snapshot: Metal Jewelry

These days, metal jewelry is becoming the favorite of fashionable people. Well, the fall and winter jewelry shows held in Paris, Milan, and London can best prove this point. A quick look into these fashion jewelry shows, you can find most fashion pieces are made of metals. If you are going to add cheap jewelry to your fashion style, metal jewelry would be your good choice.

Following are some advantages of metal jewelry, and you can take them as reference:

Vintage Style
Now, vintage style is leading the fashion world. Many fashionable people show great passion on this hot trend, and like to wear clothing or jewelry in vintage styles. Well, metal jewelry is often standing out, for they can create an old and vintage feeling. Though metal jewelry may lack shine and luster, they are still favored by many fashionable people.

Cheap Price
Apart from the precious metals like gold and platinum, most metals are available at affordable prices. In fact, as well as most cheap loose beads, the most popular metals include Tibetan silver, Thai silver, sterling silver, and alloy, bronze, copper, brass, silver-plated, gold-plated, and stainless steel are relatively cheap that people can afford to buy.

Wide Selection
Looking into the jewelry market, there is a large assortment of metal jewelry for fashionable people to select from. On one hand, metals for jewelry making appear in many different colors and patters, like silver, alloy, and silver-plated metals etc. All these affordable metals offer people a lot of choices.

On the other hand, there is a wide array of metal jewelry in different designs, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, bangles, and rings etc. So, people can choose their favorite metal jewelry designs to wear.

Unisex Jewelry
In general, metals would be the most common materials in making unisex jewelry pieces. There is no doubt that most metal jewelry pieces are suitable for both men and women. This character of metal jewelry makes great contribution to its wide popularity.

Cheap Metal Jewelry Tends

Vintage Beads Are Great for Jewelry Making


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Create Jewelry Pieces with Fashionable Beads

No matter what kind of fashion jewelry you want to create, beads are always needed to complete wonderful pieces. There is no doubt that beads are indeed essential to add glamour to the jewelry pieces. There is a large variety of loose beads available in the market, which provides countless inspiration for designing jewelry. The following are several fashionable beads for people’s reference.

In fact, there are numerous beads in the market which beyond people’s imagination. These days, there is a kind of beads that are popular used in jewelry making. That’s European charm beads. They are really new in the market, but enjoy fast popularity among people. Jewelry pieces made of them can make wearers appear more beautiful and charming. What’s, European charm beads are closely linked with hope and courage. Wearing a piece of European charm jewelry can represent one’s fine blessing.


Nowadays, pearl beads and shell beads are really popular in the jewelry making. They can help people to achieve beautiful and graceful look. When you are going to design a piece for formal occasions, pearl beads and shell beads can be smart choices. For example, a piece of pearl necklace can make you look graceful if you choose to wear a dress with round neckline.


What’s more, other artificial materials are also popular around the world, such as, crystal glass and rhinestone. Beads made of them appear brilliant and dazzling. For people who want to standing out from the crowd, these gorgeous beads can help a lot. It is a good idea to catch the spotlight with a crystal glass necklace or a rhinestone pendant.


Choose European Style Jewelry to Express Your Charm

Make Unique Bracelet with Beautiful Pearl Beads

Brilliant Rhinestone Pendants Shine Your Beautiful Neckline

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Manmade Shell Beads Suit for the Summer Season

Shell beads are one of the most commonly used beads in jewelry making. They are widely used in making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In the summer season, you may think about choosing a piece of beaded jewelry to match your outfit. Then, why not consider pieces made of manmade shell beads?


Manmade shell beads come in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. While looking into the market, we can easily find a large variety of shell beads in various shapes, such as, chip, coin, cube, donut, drum, flower, heart, horse, nugget, oval, pentagram, rectangle, round, square, teardrop, triangle, etc. At the same time, these beads are available in different colors, like black, blue, green, yellow, olive, red, rosy, white, and so on.


It is a good idea to wear jewelry pieces made of manmade shell beads. The multiple colors and shapes will make jewelry pieces appear stunning and gorgeous, which can do well with the summer. Adding shell beads jewelry to the outfit can make one look more attractive in the hot season.


At present, manmade shell beads enjoy great popularity in the market. Jewelry designers and makers are willing to choose these cheap beads for their jewelry making. Usually, manmade shell beads are sold at lower prices. People can get them from online beads stores, which offer great discounts and worldwide free shipping. Then, people are able to complete their designs with less spending.


Well, if one is going to choose online stores to get manmade shell beads, it is necessary to find a reputable supplier. Then, one will be able to get discounts beads at good quality.

Design a Necklace with Coral Beads

Gemstone Beads – Great to Beautfy Jewelry Pieces

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Glass Beads, a Wonderful Item for Any Attire

It is very common to choose exquisite jewelry to complement our attire. Jewelry can be found in all colors, sizes, and shapes. And it is also in varied materials, including gold, diamond, crystal, rhinestone, gemstone, glass, metal, turquoise, pearls, shell, coral and even clay. Some people are in favor of gold and other precious gemstones. Others will prefer to some less precious materials, not only semi-precious stones, but even glass. In fact, though glass is not as valuable as gold or silver, it can also make magnificent and captivating jewelry which is suitable for different kinds of attire.


Glass beads have gained a big market share with the gradual popular of beaded jewelry. Many people begin to choose fashion jewelry made of glass beads. Some people may buy finished products from local jewelry stores. Many others like to make handmade jewelry with glass beads. If you take a look to the market, you will be able to find a large collection of glass beads. They are also come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. You can choose according to your favorite.


The good news for jewelry makers is that glass beads are very cheap. Most people may feel easy to buy them in large quantities. And you can get lower price if you buy them online. There are numerous online stores offer wholesale glass beads. You will enjoy a discount price when you buy in bulk. Besides the attractive price, online wholesale beads stores can offer some special types that you can’t find in the local stores.


There are many kind of fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets. Some people hold the opinion that glass beads can only employed in making necklace. In fact, glass beads can be used to make a lot of things, such as earrings. Never limit your creation to necklaces. Fully plays your imagination and you will notice that there are many possibilities. A bracelet made of glass beads can be very excellent and intriguing which can suitable for your beautiful dress.

Glass Beads, an Amusing Thing for Jewelry Making

How to Look Out for Wholesale Loose Beads

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