Hottest Cheap Beads Create Stunning Jewelry Pieces

Beaded jewelries have become more and more popular among women. Adding dazzling loose beads into your jewelry pieces will make you appear more beautiful and attractive. Now, there are several hottest cheap beads for jewelry making in the market.

European charm beads

European charm beads, also known as European beads beads, are originated from the legend “European beads Box”. These beads are always related with hope and courage. They are available in various materials like sterling silver, lampwork glass, dichroic glass, howlite turquoise, rhinestone, metal, polymer clay, etc. Moreover, the distinctive character of European charm beads is its big hole, which makes it easier to design jewelry pieces.


Gemstone beads

Gemstone beads are also well known for its multiple materials. There are many fine minerals and stones are involved in gemstones, including azurite, peridot, labradorite, goldstone, amazonite, tiger eye, aventurine, opal opalite, garnet, amethyst, obsidian, lapis lazuli, unakite, malachite, fluorite, quartz, etc. Many women are attracted by these fancy minerals and stones.


Tibetan silver beads

Some people may think that Tibetan silver beads is similar to sterling silver beads, in fact, is not. Tibetan silver share many different characters with sterling silver. It is often linked with Buddha, which possess mysterious atmosphere. Now, Tibetan silver beads are widely used in jewelry making. People not only use them to make jewelry pieces directly, meanwhile, apply them as spacer beads to match other loose beads.


For all jewelry makers, it is necessary to cut down expenditure. Then, where to get these hottest beads at cheap prices? can be the best place. It is a large online beads supplier from China, which offers large collection of cheap beads. If one is going to get cheap European charm beads, cheap gemstone beads, or cheap Tibetan silver beads, it is a smart choice to choose

Choose European Style Jewelry to Express Your Charm

Several Types of Fashionable Gemstone Beads

Tibetan Silver Beads – Amazing Pieces for Jewelry Designs

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Fashion Trends: Beaded Jewelry

These days, people lay much stress on fashion. They are aware of the importance of fashion, and follow the fashion trends to complete their personal style. Well, the conception of “fashion” has been applied in many different aspects in our daily life, from outfit to makeup. At present, in the fashion world, we can view a hot trend – beaded jewelry.

Some years age gold jewelry was enjoy great popularity among people, while right now this condition has changed. Today, fashion jewelry made of cheap beads has captured most people’s eyesight. More and more people prefer to cheap beaded jewelry rather than precious gold or diamond jewelry.

Why beaded jewelry is so popular?
Beautiful, shinning, gorgeous, attractive, trendy, inexpensive…all these adjectives are often used to describe beaded jewelry. While selecting jewelry, people will be easily attracted by these wonderful pieces. Besides, people are able to create their own fashion statement. At present, handcraft jewelry is very popular, which allows people to make their personalized jewelry pieces with loose beads. These handmade pieces can better express wearers’ individuality and personal style.

Wide selection of beaded jewelry
Another great advantage of beaded jewelry depends on its wide selections. In beaded jewelry, jewelry beads are available in large varieties. They are varying in different colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. Well, the materials found in jewelry beads include, sterling silver, gemstone, crystal glass, howlite turquoise, agate, shell, and so on. In general, there is an assortment of beaded jewelry for people selecting from. People are able to choose the one they like best.

Wide availability of beaded jewelry
Well, local jewelry stores are normal ways to buy beaded jewelry. At present, there are many different ways to get trendy beaded jewelry. One of the most popular ways is online jewelry stores. Looking into the market, it is possible to find thousands of online stores provide customers with cheap jewelry. So, it is a good idea to get beaded jewelry from online stores, for the great discounts and free shipping will save people a lot of money.

Gorgeous Necklace Fill Your Wardrobe

Stringing Style of Bead Jewelry


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Korean Style Jewelry Brings You Sweet Glamour

Beautiful and stunning jewelry is the best ornament to enhance one’s overall image and improve one’s personality in showing individuality. During the seasons between spring and summer, with the aroma of flower and grass permeating into everywhere, I reckon it on what fits the pleasing seasons most is nothing better than Korean style jewelry.

Hey, girls, can you imaginate the amazing secne of wearing pieces of jewelry made in Korean style to enhance some special exotic glamour to your whole outlook? Of course, Korean style jewelry is the leading theme of such sweet season, right?

There is a variety of Korean style jewelry available to choose in the market now, for example, Korean style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. During such nice season, maybe the heart flower pendant chain necklace which inlaid with clear crystal glass is the hottest among so many kinds of fashionable jewelry. Whether you wear blouses or dresses, please try Korean style jewelry and assure the rest that it will complement you to the utmost beautiful and sweet girl.

Although Korean style jewelry is available in many different designs and materials, and I bet it most of the people like most will be the stylish metals jewelry like 925 sterling silver.

Another important thing is that Korean style jewelry can work well with almost all attire,even on disparate occasions. To enrich your charm,just select the delicate Korean style jewelry!

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Body Jewelry Instructions for You

Body jewelry is in fashion these days. Many people especially youngsters are likely to have body piercing, and wear body jewelry. No doubt that body jewelry is a great piece to finish your fashion style. However, you need pay attention to the choice of materials for your new body piercing.

Some types of materials are safe for new body piercing, while others types may affect your body’s recovery time, or sometimes even make an infection. Here are some simple instructions for choosing best body jewelry.

Materials to Avoid in New Body Piercing
Nickel – It is a metal that often applied in different kinds of alloys. Nickel is a common irritation to human body. Many people are sensitive to this kind of metal. So, if you have new body piercing, you should not wear metal alloy body jewelry. Once the body jewelry becomes an irritant, you should remove it at once, and avoid wearing body jewelry made from nickel.

Sterling Silver – Sterling silver is made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal, usually copper. Well, the copper is another type of metal that may cause infection easily. Besides, the sterling silver reacts with oxygen when it comes in contact with air or water, and then cause tarnish. So, avoid such materials in your new body piercing.

Plated Gold – Gold or silver plated materials should also be avoided in new body piercing. Once the plating has been rubbed off, the underlying metal will expose to air, and sometimes cause irritation or infection. Besides, some real gold are also not fine for new body piercing, such as, 24K gold.

Safe Materials for New Body Piercing
If you have new body piercing, you may think about to get body jewelry that won’t lead irritation or infection. Then, you can try body jewelry made from surgical stainless steel, surgical implant titanium, or niobium. These materials contain tiny amounts of nickel or copper, which are safe for new body piercing.

Navel Rings, the Latest Fashion Trend


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Wholesale beads

Ayliss is the most reliable online stores in the world, specializing wholesale beads, glass beads,jewelry making supplies and tools.

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Men’s Necklaces Selection Knowledge

Fashion jewelry is no longer all about women now. Many men now also wear fashion jewelry, especially necklaces, to complement their fashion style. When selecting the necklace, men should make sure the piece fits with their personal style. Following are some types I recommend to your selection.

Magnetic Necklace
It is very suitable for using as gifts for father or boyfriend. At present, magnetic necklace, also named as hematite necklace, especially with middle-aged men. Well, its healing properties contribute a lot to the great popularity. Well, to some extent, the magnetic necklace is the product of magnet therapy.

Leather Necklace
Well, for men who don’t want to achieve a formal look, a black leather necklace with a sterling silver or stainless steel clasp would be a wonderful choice. Such leather necklace is really stylish and suitable for any casual attire. Besides, it is a great idea to add a pendant to your leather necklace if you like.

Metal Necklace
Well, metal necklace can always be the most popular piece among men. Usually, men’s metal necklaces are available in large and bold designs, which are perfect for expressing of men’s masculinity. Different metals have been used to make such type of necklace, such as, copper, stainless steel, sterling silver, and other alloys.

People can buy one both from online and offline stores. For people who want to get cheap but high quality, online stores will be a smart choice. There are thousands of online stores offer customers various kinds of men’s necklaves. For instance,, a large online jewelry wholesaler in China. From it, customers will enjoy good quality as well as great discounts.

Read more:

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Loose Beads, Must-Haves for Jewelry Making

If as a fashionable woman you want to get unique jewelry to express your individuality, then jewelry making could be an efficient way to meet your demand. But you may unsure of what are the materials that you will need. Well, loose beads, and wire, clasps, findings like spacers, are essential supplies for jewelry making. In this article, I want to share some of the best beads that your can opt for.

European Charm Beads
European charm beads, also well known as European beads beads or large hole beads, is a huge fashion trend right now. They are relatively the newest beads in jewelry making, which appeared in the market only for several years. With their large holes, multiple materials, and stylish designs, European charm beads are favored by many jewelry designers and makers. If you are looking for beads for jewelry making, it is really a good idea to choose European charm beads, which will add great charm to your designs.

Crystal glass beads
While choosing fashion jewelry, most women would lay much stress on color and luster. There is no doubt that women like to use colorful and brilliant beads to come out stunning jewelry pieces. In this case, crystal glass beads would be great option for these people. Among the numerous beads, crystal glass beads are famous for its bright colors and brilliant luster. To design shinning jewelry pieces, you should not miss crystal glass beads.

Pearls Beads
The pearls beads are certainly the all time favorite pieces in jewelry making. They are one of the oldest beads that found in jewelry making supplies. Today, many jewelry designs still show great preference for these classic beads. Adding earrings or necklaces made of pearls beads to the outfits will leave graceful impression on others.

Tibetan Silver Beads
If you want to create jewelry in vintage designs, then Tibetan silver beads are great options. These beads are available in many vintage designs, like London bus, bronze mirror, purse, etc. Using fantastic Tibetan silver beads will add great glamour to your jewelry designs.

Reasons Why Online Beads Are Popular

Shimmering Beads for Handmade Jewelry


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Wear Amethyst Necklaces to Complete One’s Personal Style

While taking a look into the jewelry world, one will easily notice the great popularity of necklaces. Adding beautiful bracelets to one’s outfit can certainly attract others’ attention. This important kind if fashion accessory can enhance one’s beauty in a wonderful way.

Just like bracelets or any other fashion accessories, excellent necklaces are able to make the wearer stand out from the crowd, and give a deep impression on others. Sometimes, people can know others’ character on the basis of the necklaces around the neck. If you are looking for trendy and stylish necklaces, you can consider amethyst necklaces.


These days, one can find a large variety of necklaces available in different designs and styles in the market. More and more materials have been used in making necklaces. For example, people can find magnetic necklaces, shell necklaces, turquoise necklaces, agate necklaces, jade necklaces, and lapis necklaces etc. Among the multiple choices, amethyst necklaces are one of the most preferred types. Many women are attracted by its pure color and bright luster.

Amethyst necklaces are very suitable for formal dress. If you are going to attend some formal occasion, wearing an amethyst necklace with the dress will never go wrong, and the necklace can greatly help to enhance your personal style. And then, you will be able to show noble and elegant. Meanwhile, the amethyst necklaces can also match some casual cloth. For instance, adding amethyst necklace can add sparkle to a simple white T-shirt.

What’s more, the amethyst necklaces are more affordable than gold and platinum. Thus, many women are willing to get one to complete their overall look. At present, people can get amethyst necklaces from online jewelry wholesale stores. The cheap prices from these online stores can save people more.

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Crystal Glass Necklace for Middle-aged Women

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Loose Beads, Interesting Items to DIY Your Own Jewelry

These days, many people are weary of the large collection of manufactured products. There is no doubt that butter to butter is no relish. In order to make a difference from others, people start to create small articles by hand. Now, it is a hot trend to DIY one’s own jewelry.

Many people are participating in the interesting journey of jewelry making. Beads are definitely the indispensable jewelry making supplies to complete any design. These beautiful, charming and affordable beads can make jewelry pieces appear more attractive.


Today, large collections of beads are available in the market. They come in various colors, sizes, shapes, designs and styles. These beads can be roughly divided into two aspects according to the years, such as, the latest European charm beads, gemstone beads, howlite turquoise beads, hematite beads, and Tibetan silver beads, or the classic pearls beads, shell beads, coral beads, lampwork glass beads, agate beads, jade beads.

What’s more, all these beads come in different colors and shapes, which give people more choices. For example, we can easily find red, orange, purple, pink, black, white, blue, and green etc. At the same time, there is large variety of shapes, like round, square, oval, rice, button, teardrop, coin, button, and many other shapes.


Some people may complain that it is difficult to get the right kind of beads for jewelry making. As matter of fact, it is quite interesting to select from the numerous beads. If you are looking for materials for your DIY project, I suggest you to consider loose beads. They are perfect items to design various kinds of jewelry pieces, like earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings and even hair accessories.

Eventually, loose beads become popular today. They can bring inspirations to jewelry designs. Meanwhile, they can be used to DIY other interesting article, such as, a window curtain, or a watch chain.


Cheap Beads Create Wonderful Jewelry Designs

Choose the Suitable Beads to Complete Jewelry Designs

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Select the Suitable Beads for Perfect Jewelry Designs

Beads can be one of the oldest materials for jewelry designs. Today, beaded jewelry is still a popular trend in the market. Many women are willing to wear jewelry pieces made of beads. When it comes to the beaded jewelry, there are many various kinds of beads available in all colors, sizes, shapes, and materials.


Since beads are the foundation of all jewelry making supplies, it is quite important to make the choice. While looking into the market, we can find beads made of various materials, such as, sterling silver, gemstone, Tibetan silver, crystal glass, lampwork glass, dichroic glass, howlite turquoise, rhinestone, metal, and polymer clay etc. Thus, people should choose the right kind on the basis of their desired jewelry designs.


These days, it is a hot trend to design jewelry pieces with loose beads. And jewelry making is really an interesting and rewarding activity, which can bring many amazing effects to people. Meanwhile, it is a great way to express one’s personality. No wonder that more and more people start to create their own beaded jewelry by hand.


Beads for jewelry making can be bought from both online and offline stores. Well, online stores are better than offline stores, which will allow people to get the most suitable beads. When take a look into the market, it is very easy to find thousands of online stores offer various kinds of jewelry beads. With the wide selection, people will definitely get the suitable beads for perfect jewelry designs.

Online Wholesale Beads Stores Offer You A Lot of Choice

The Best Place to Buy Beads for Perfect Jewelry Designs

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