Glass Beads, an Amusing Thing for Jewelry Making

Glass beads has a long history, its beautiful is accepted by many people of different ages. It is available in various colors and shapes which represent different aesthetic significance. Though its monetary valve is not so high when compared with gold or diamond, it is still enjoying great popularity among people, especially during the time when jewelry making becomes a fashion. More and more people prefer to choose glass beads rather than other beads.


There are different types of glass beads which come in different shapes and sizes. We often classify it according to its style and color. For example, teardrop beads, horse eye beads. These two kinds of glass beads are defined by their shapes. A teardrop bead is just like what it sounds, a bead made to appear as a teardrop, while the horse eye beads is similar to the shape of the eye of horse, which is fits well as a necklace. When come to glass beads, we have to mention lampwork glass beads, maybe the most beautiful and intriguing glass beads. It has different styles and sizes, some like bulbs, mushrooms and bones. Moreover, there are several types that share with familiar angles: diamonds, stars, and hearts, which enjoy increasing popularity in the last few decades. The various styles and colors of glass beads make it convenient to find gorgeous beads for jewelry making.


We can do a lot of things with glass beads, the most directly answer must be arts and crafts. It is certainly an amusing thing for jewelry making. No matter you are a professional jewelry maker or just a beginner, you will find that glass beads would be a brilliant way to make beautiful and fashionable jewelry. You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches by exploiting the various styles and sizes glass beads. You will be able to make your unique jewelry by using your endless imagination.


If you want to cut down your expenditures in jewelry making, one of the most effective ways is to buy jewelry in bulk at wholesale price. Wholesale price is surely lower than buying glass beads individually. Many online jewelry making supplies stores offer various styles and colors of glass beads; you can compare the stores and choose a reputable one to purchase from. The only limit is that you should check the credit of stores carefully, and never choose one store optionally. I suggest you view their feedback and valuation before buying glass beads from the online stores.

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