Implied Meaning of Crystal Beads

From ancient times till now, crystal is always regarded as the most pure things. It is often compared to the tears of young girl, the crystallization of wisdom, the stars of summer night, and the essence of all things. Now, crystal has become an important material of jewelry making. All kinds of crystal handicraft factories blossom everywhere, and countless online stores sell crystal jewelry. Crystal beads have already won the recognition of market and accepted by many people.

In daily life, people wearing crystal beads can show both beauty and nobility, at the same time, imply safe and peace. What’s more, different kinds of crystal have different symbolic significance. Such as, white quartz, complex of all energy, is considered as the king of crystal. It can counteract evil force, purity the whole body, remove disease and bring good luck; Amethyst, the token of love, represents the faithful love. In western countries, it is also called “Guardian Stone of Love”, can improve the relationship between lovers or couples; Ametrine, symbolizes wisdom and wealth, is suitable for relatives, friends, colleagues and couples.

It is said that crystal is a kind of natural gemstone beads, and always regarded as the symbol of faithful, unyielding, purity and goodness by people for its pureness, transparent and hardness. Some people believe that natural energy can change the human performance and the magnetic field around them. In addition, they think that each animal of the Chinese Horoscope has its own crystal. And such kind of crystal is the guardian stone or lucky star for this animal.

With the development, crystal handicraft is not confined to crystal beads. There begin to exist other crystal handicraft, such as, crystal cups. It plays a leading role in our daily life. In the whole world, many countries show special preference to crystal cup, especially in China, Japan, American and Korea. People like to put crystal cup in the home or office, believe it can protect the house and bring wealth.

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