Complete Guide to Jewelry Making Designs

More and more people now show great passion on jewelry making. It is quite easy and very interesting to create unique jewelry by hands. Well, fashion jewelry comes in large varieties. So, if one decides to make jewelry with loose beads, there are a lot of choices to select from, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings etc.

Making Earrings
Admittedly, earrings can be one of the quickest jewelry projects to make. Therefore, if you are beginners of handcraft jewelry, and have never made a piece before, you can take some easy earring making projects to get you started. Make your own beaded earrings by using pearls, crystal glass, or gemstone beads.

Making Necklaces
When it comes into jewelry making, it is important to note necklaces, which can be the most preferred jewelry making designs among jewelry makers. Well, there are many different methods of making beautiful and stunning necklaces, such as, stringing, knotting, weaving, and wire working etc. Learn to make simple necklaces with these methods.

Making Pendants
As well as earrings, it is quite easy to make pendants. If you are not experienced in handcraft jewelry, making pendants would be the simplest projects to get you started. Create you own simple but unique pendants by using wire, glass bead, gemstones, and other jewelry supplies.

Making Bracelets
Well, bracelets are also popular choices among jewelry makers. Many people prefer to bracelets rather than other jewelry designs. Bracelets are great jewelry making projects to choose when one does not feel like to take on a huge beadwork project. What’s more, almost all kinds of beads are suitable for designing bracelets. Choose the one you like best.

Making Rings
Here, rings mainly refer to pieces on one’s fingers. Compared with other jewelry designs, rings may be less chose by jewelry makers. But earrings are also one of the simple jewelry projects for beginners to get started. Actually, it is quite easy to make earrings by hands. Use beads and findings to make your own beaded rings.

Guide to Jewelry Making Supplies

Supplies Can’t Be Missed in Jewelry Making


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