Learn About Making a Macramé Bracelet

Macramé jewelry was very hot in the 60s and 70s, and now regains its popularity. For example, the macramé bracelets are currently enjoying a increasing popular all over the world. Wanted to get a macramé bracelet to complement your fashion style? It would be a good idea to make a piece by your own hands for a low cost.

Here, I would like to share some of the basics to create a macramé bracelet. Macramé jewelry lovers can follow it to get started.

Supplies You Need
Usually, making macramé jewelry like macramé bracelet doesn’t require a lot of supplies, as well as tools or equipments. Well, cord and beads are needed for making macramé bracelets.

  • 12 clear pink crystal glass bead
  • 1 green rhinestone bead
  • 2 black crystal glass ball beads
  • Black hemp cord
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Learn Basic Steps
Compared with other jewelry making projects, like making metal jewelry, making macramé jewelry is quite easier. Well, making a macramé bracelet doesn’t require a lot of jewelry making techniques. Learn about some basic skills about knotting, one will be able to finish great piece.

Loop Knot:

  1. Cut three pieces of cords with scissors in length of 18 inches, 18 inches, and 34 inches respectively.
  2. Form a 1/2 inch look by folding the 34 inches cord half and tying a knot on the centre.
  3. Trough the 18 inches cord in the loop, and pull the both sides of cord to make the knot tightly.

Square Knot:

  1. Place the right cord under the centre cord, and then cover the left cord. You should keep this part of cord loosely.
  2. Pass the left cord under the centre cord, and then over the right cord. Here, you should pull the cords to have a tight knot.
  3. Repeat the above steps. But place the left cord first, and then pass the right cord. Then, you will create a square knot.

Adding the Beads:

  1. Strand the green rhinestone ball bead along the centre cord. And make two square knots on both sides of rhinestone bead.
  2. Strand the clear pink crystal glass ball bead along the centre cord, and make another square knot.
  3. Repeat this step until 12 clear pink crystal ball beads have been stranded along the centre cord. Remember 6 beads each side of the rhinestone bead.

Closing the Bracelet:

  1. Left 5mm length long of cord on both sides, and cut off the excess cord. And get another 18 inches cord prepared.
  2. Make square knots over the ends of the cord with the 18 inches cord. And determine the length based on your wrist.
  3. Strand the two black crystal glass beads and tie loop knot on the both ends of the cord

Small Tips on Making Macramé Jewelry

Get Started: Making Macramé Jewelry


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